Thursday, June 26, 2008

Double Digits!

Bailey has hit the double digit mark; she is 10 pounds today! I can't believe it. She's also 21 and 3/4 inches long! Last week she was officially four months old. It's funny to think about because if she would have been born on her original due date, she would be two months old tomorrow. There are so many different time periods to keep track of with her--how old she really is, how old she should be, how long she's been home, and luckily I don't have to keep track of how long she's been in the hospital anymore. I guess that most of the things will be checked according to her original due date, including her immunization shots which she received a bunch of today. So needless to say, today has been a super fun day. She actually hasn't been that bad, just way fussier than normal. She loves to be held today, but only when I'm standing up. The other thing that she loves is to look at herself in the bathroom mirror, so I've been standing a lot in the bathroom today. Right now I really can't complain because she's sound asleep until her last dosage of medicine wears off. So to make good use of this time, I'm posting this momentous occasion. This is a picture of one of her calmer moments from today.

The other momentous occasion around our house is that yesterday marked three years that we've been married. It's weird to think about because some days it seems like it's flown by and others it seems like it's been a really long time. So many things have happened since we've been married. Brian and I went out for a delicious dinner by the beach. He bought me the biggest pot of hydrangea flowers because I love them. He also bought me some new flip flops because the third anniversary is the year of leather (for all of you out there who didn't know that, now you do). He is extremely thoughtful, kind, and generous, and really into fun details like that. I thought the third year was nylon/polyester because I got him a golf shirt. No matter what I do, Brian will always win in the present department, but I don't mind.

Here are just some more pictures that I've taken recently:

When she wakes up for the second time in the morning, she is usually all smiles. I've been trying to get a good picture of her all happy, but it's hard because she moves so much.

This was a day at the beach. She already loves it just like her mom!

She loves her tummy. I promise when I first put her on her tummy for play time she's awake, but she always falls asleep. I can't wait until she can sleep on her stomach because she sleeps so peacefully and I think it's so cute with her butt up in the air.


Kadee said...

That sleeping picture is so cute!

MrsDayus said...

Hey Kaci! I finally checked out your site! What a great way to stay in the loop with people! Bailey is SO beautiful! You're doing an amazing job! Congrats! Walk soon?

alex and kurt said...

Hey Kaci..It was so great to see you on sunday..or two sundays ago. i forget. Your little one is SO CUTE! aren't they the most precious things?

Missy said...

Kaci! She is adorable! I can't believe that we haven't even met her yet...she looks exactly like you!

Let's plan a time to get together.