Sunday, October 12, 2008

Future Star

On Thursday, my field hockey team had their team pictures down on the beach. I wanted Bailey to be a part of the team pictures, so we made her a uniform too. My mom made her a mini kilt out of an old kilt. My friend Jeanne turned her onsie into a jersey with "Hook 'em" on the butt. She also had her own tiny stick that she loved. All she wanted to do is to look at her stick and eat it. She was truly the cutest thing you've ever seen! The girls went nuts over her outfit. I even put her in the big team photo, so she'll be in the yearbook this year. It seems like it has come full cirlce because I was in Vista High's yearbook when I was a baby and my mom coached the pagentry girls. I even had a mini uniform too. So now my daughter is in the yearbook with my team.

Here's the best picture where you can see her uniform. She's hanging out with Michelle, who she loves. Look how cute her kilt is! I think we have a future field hockey star on our hands.

She's making what looks like a sad face in this picture, but she's just teething right now. I'm expecting a tooth to pop out any day. She is constantly feeling her gums with her tongue and makes this face for most of the day.

Here she is with the team. We probably shouldn't have given her the stick because she wouldn't look up, but it was too cute.

Here's my team jumping for joy! They're doing so well this year. Right now were ranked 4th in San Diego. Our record is 11-4. We start league this week and I plan on winning this year!

Here's a picture of the Hook 'em on her butt. It's so cute because it shows right above her kilt.She has also started to notice her feet, especially when she has shoes on. She wants to eat them. When Brian first ordered these shoes, we both thought, wow, it will be so long until she wears those. Now she's wearing them, and they're almost too small for her. She is growing every day. She'll be eight months old next Monday; time really does fly by.A couple of weekends ago, we went to this awesome baby swap meet. (FYI for any moms out there, the next one is in March and you have to come because it is such good bargain shopping) We bought this door jumpy thing for $10. I'm sure that it's been posted on some safety hazard list, but she loves it. She looks like such a big girl in it.This has been a momentous weekend for Bailey because she is actually eating real food. Last night Roxann got her to eat a jar of peas and tonight she ate a jar of carrots. I was even able to slip in a little rice cereal. She really seemed top be enjoying them too--no gagging or extreme spitting. She still loves her spoon and tries to grab it the entire time. You might also notice the extremely large bow that is on her head. I was cleaning out my closet and came across a basket that had some cards and bows from our wedding. Well, this bow just seemed too cute to pass up, so I tied it on her head. She didn't even notice it was there. Later in the night, when we were playing on the ground, Doby (our dog) came by and took it off her head because he loves big bows too.


Samantha said...

I am seriously dying right now. I love that you have a baby in your yearbook wearing a kilt and that you were a baby in your mom's yearbook. She is adorable and so big and I'm sad I'm not there to be a part of it.

Missy 'n Danny said...

She is so cute, I love her little kilt. Brennen had some shoes like hers when he was newborn, how cute are the little footprints on the bottom.