Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Magic Kingdom

October 10th, is my birthday. Since it conveniently fell on a Saturday this year we went to Disneyland! Kyle, Sam, Kate, Owen, and Ty all came too so it was a really fun day. I was worried about the kids having meltdowns and turning into monsters, but my worries were for nothing. All three of the kids were magically wonderful the entire day--maybe that's why it's called the Magic Kingdom.

Bailey's first ride of the day was Dumbo. Kyle, Sam, Ty, and the kids were right at the front of the line so we handed Bailey over to Ty and off they went. She would alternate each trip around being happy and scared; this picture is kind of in between.
For some reason, our next choice was Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I would not recommend this be the second ride of the day for little kids. Kate and Owen were petrified of this ride and let us know how they felt about it. Bailey was pretty neutral to all of the rides; I think she was just amazed at all of the sounds, colors, and flashing lights. Kate and Owen were a little more clued in and knew that some of this stuff was scary. We were trying to get them happy again by driving this car.
After that ride, we went on Small World and that cheered up all the kids. They were really good all day. Bailey and Owen even took about an hour and a half nap. We went on the teacups, jungle boat, Haunted Mansion, the rockets, the choo-choo train, Roger Rabbit's ride, and the carousel numerous times.

I swear that the kids favorite time of day was waiting to get into the Tiki Room. We were outside for about ten minutes waiting for the next show to start. They ran around, looked at the fountains, and then played with these big leaves forever. Really, who needs to spend money to entertain kids when you can just give them a big pile of leaves!

Here are all of us, minus the husbands who get very motion sick, crammed into one tiny teacup. I thought it was hilarious and probably the most people that have ever fit into one teacup.
Here's Bailey and Brian later in the day in a teacup that did not spin:

Ty and I had to take a picture together because his birthday is one week before mine, so it was a birthday celebration for both of us. I thought it was really funny to walk around all day and look at all the people with birthday buttons and realize that they all have a great birthday date--10/10. I've always thought it was a great day for a birthday; I really like things that come in patterns.

I love this picture above because it sums up our day at Disneyland: Bailey had a ton of fun adn we had fun watching her take it all in. We had fun too, but it's way more fun to do something with your kids for the first time and see how they love it.

Before we left we took a classic group shot on the back side of the castle and road the carousel a couple more times. Bailey had so much fun on the carousel, it was hard to get picture of her sitting still and looking at the camera. I didn't want the day to end because we had so much fun. It was a perfect way to celebrate my birthday and I'm so glad that everyone was able to come with us.

By the end of the night, all of the kids were exhausted but still happy. Here's what they looked like:

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Tami Gemmell said...

So fun...I love Disneyland with a kid.