Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Worst Holiday Tradition Ever!

This Christmas will be the fifth Christmas that Brian and I have spent together since we were married. Three out of the past five holiday seasons, our family has had the flu (and one I was pregnant and felt like throwing up)! Being sick during the holidays is the absolute worst tradition ever--I do not recommend it to anyone!

This is a picture of Bailey in her sick nest that she spent a lot of time in on Sunday.

Last Friday Bailey came down with the flu, so all weekend we were on puke patrol. Sunday was my field hockey banquet, so luckily I wasn't sick on Sunday. But because I had been dealing with sick baby all weekend, I was very under prepared. Monday Brian stayed home with Bailey just in case she was still sick. It was her first day with no puke and she actually ate a few bites of applesauce, so we thought she was done. Early, early Tuesday I got the flu and stayed home. Brian took Bailey to daycare and we thought all was well--boy were we wrong. Around noon on Tuesday, Brian called to tell me that he was coming home because he was now sick too! Tuesday around 4:00, I got a call that Bailey had gotten sick again at Christy's house, so puke patrol back on :( Thank goodness my family is around because they went and picked up Bailey and kept her Tuesday night while Brian and I laid around in misery together. But that was not rock bottom--Tuesday night around 8:00 Doby, my dog, got sick! At that point it felt like someone was playing a terrible joke or that my family had been cursed.

Brian went back to work today and Bailey was able to make it daycare without getting sick, but I stayed home today bedridden again. So that is what my life has been like the past six days--filled with sickness and not holiday cheer.

Now here are some pictures of some good holiday traditions:

Coronado Christmas:

One Sunday in December, we always go down to Coronado with Brian's family. We go to the Hotel Del and look at their beautiful Christmas tree and then eat lunch on the beach. Roxann always makes delicious food and it's usually still nice weather. The tree this year was decorated with red and white snowmen and santas; it was my favorite tree that I've ever seen. Our lunch on the beach was fun, despite being attacked by a flock of seagulls and the slight winter breeze.

Here is Roxann with both of the girls:

Here are some pictures of the whole family:

While down on the beach, Bailey was either yelling at the birds or making California "snow" angels.

Baby Jesus:

Bailey is completely obsessed with baby Jesus. Last year my mom got us a Little People nativity set for Christmas and this year Bailey loves it! She plays with it all the time, which is a good thing to distract her from my nativity set that my mom gave to me. If Bailey is missing and quiet for even a couple of minutes, I know she's down playing with the nativity. She's actually really good about just looking at them and talking to them, but one day she decided she wanted to kiss all of the animals. She can name all of the animals and the people and the star; I know she's going to be really sad when it's time to put them away. It feels funny to ask her if she wants to play with the baby Jesus because that's something I never imagined myself saying.

Here's Bailey playing with my nativity set, talking to all of the animals and the baby:

Here she is giving the camel a kiss:

Just for fun, I french braided Bailey's hair and I couldn't resist a picture:

Here's Bailey in some Christmas PJs that came complete with a tutu!


Cicely said...

Oh jealous of your nativity! I have been wanting that one for YEARS! Merry Christmas to your adorable (and healthy?) family!

Lissy said...

Bailey is so cute!! I always loved playing with the nativity sets too. I hope you guys are all better soon. Being sick during the holidays is the worst.

k N d said...

kaci!!! i'm sorry you are sick! i hope you get to feeling better for actual christmas day! glad bailey's getting better so you can focus on you for a minute. and i am SO jealous of your little people nativity. i almost bought that last year and am SO regretting passing it up. it's SO cute!

Celine + Cameron said...

We were just at the Hotel Del this past Saturday (we have the same Christmas tradition of going down there to look at the tree) and I thought it looked so cool! Hope you're all feeling better and no one gets sick anymore! :)