Monday, June 7, 2010

Me too!

I must start off saying that I have no good excuse as to why I disappeared from the blogoverse for the month of May.  I was simply way too busy and lazy--a bad combo!  That means that when I wasn't running around like a crazy person, attending someone's graduation, coaching field hockey, hanging out with Bailey, or attempting to catch up on my ever-growing pile of laundry, I was sitting on my couch watching some good tv.  I was so busy, that when I put my camera card into my computer it said I had 483 pictures to upload!!  I shall post a month in review with pictures later.

Now to the real reason of this post: funny conversations with Bailey.  She is seriously talking up a storm these days.  She says so many things I can't even update what's new because there's something new all the time.  She repeats everything and then uses it in a new, and usually funny, way.  Some of her new favorite vocabulary words are: too, because, ghost, and need.

Here's a funny conversation I had with her last week:

Bailey came walking in my room while I was getting ready for school. 

Bailey: I'm tired momma.
Me: I'm tired too.
Bailey: I'm tired too.
Me: I want to take a nap.
Bailey: I want to take a nap too.
Me: I want to put on my jammies.
Bailey: Me too!
This went on for several more back and forths ending with, "Me too."  I decided to see if she was really listening and paying attention or just repeating whatever I was saying.
Me:  I want to fly to the moon.
Bailey: (she thought about this for some time before responding) Yeah!!
Me:  Okay let's go!
Bailey:  Like a butterfly momma. (she was wearing a skirt with butterflies on it)  I'm like a butterfly and go to the moon!

This was when I realized that she really was paying attention.  I think she's pretty smart!  Having a two-year-old is so much fun.  It will be way more fun next Wednesday at noon WHEN SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!  That's right 6 1/2 more days of school and then I'm a free woman!  I'm so excited to beach it up this summer and do whatever we want to do.  So here's to more happy posting in one week and one and one-half days!

Rock On!!


k N d said...

hahahaha. so cute! congrats on the end of school. i'm SO excited for you!

kerimaemiller said...

whoop whoop... summer time.. BEACH!!! i will come home this week!!

Lissy said...

What a cute conversation. I love conversations with 2 year olds - and 4 year olds (my niece is hilarious). What a cute picture of Bailey with shampoo hair. Lily's immediately flops over when I try to do that. Yay for summer!

Missy said...

kaci!! please can we meet up sometime this summer? I would love, love to get together and see you guys again. it has been too long. I think the last time was when avery was chloe's age!

bailey is unbelievably adorable. she couldn't get much cuter...