Saturday, October 23, 2010

Practicing to be a Pirate

Ever since Bailey's first trip to Disneyland, she's been in love with the pirates.  In August, Toni and I took her to Disneyland.  What was the first item on her list of things to see?  not the princesses, but the pirates!  She was of course excited to see the princesses and we stayed there for a couple of hours, but she was facsinated by the pirates.

Fast forward to September when I got her thinking about what she wanted to be for Halloween.  I know it may seem a bit early to talk about Halloween, but I like to be prepared.  I started listing different types of costumes that she could be: a ladybug, a princess, a ballerina, a fairy, a bunny, etc.  Just your typical two year old costume requests.  On her own, Bailey said, "I want to be a pirate!"  She already knew the song and knew that she loved them.  We'd talk about Halloween costumes every so often and every time she answered pirate, so a pirate she will be.

I've slowly been piecing together what she will wear: a random striped scarf for a belt (bought at Target in the dollar spot), some black pirate boots (another $2 purchase from the swap meet, although they are about 4 sizes too big), a black onsie from last year, an awesome pirate hat from Michael's, a pirate hook from the swap meet (for free), a skeleton bucket to collect her loads of candy, and my mom just finished her pirate skirt last night.  This morning we tried it all on to see if it works.  What do you think?

Since she's known for a while that she's going to be a pirate, we've been working on her pirate talk.  She learned the pirate song at Disneyland and the rest she's picked up along the way.  This is not her best performance because she usually says these things with a good pirate accent, but I wanted to get them on video at least once.  My favorite saying is, "Arrrr me tatey!"  It's supposed to be, "Arrrr me matey!" but I don't want her to change it.  I think it's absolutely adorable!  So if this video ever loads, then you'll be able to see.


Lissy said...

So cute! Mike and I have always wanted to dress up like Pirates and go down to the Star of India. I bet Bailey would be fascinated.

keri mae rhineer said...

i love it!! she is a good pirate... she has her lines down!!!

k N d said...

holy smokes she's so big!!! so cute!