Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Older--but not much Bigger

Brooklynn was 3 weeks old on Tuesday!  We had to take her in for an appointment on Monday.  I was feeling so good because I drove there and I got all of us--Bailey, Brooklynn, and myself--dressed and ready to go and out the door on time.  I was feeling quite accomplished, but it was very short lived.  At the appointment, we found out that Brooklynn has still not gained any weight; she had even lost an ounce or two since the last visit.  I was instantly crushed because all she does is eat all day long!  I could not believe that she hadn't put any more meat on her bones.  Just when I was feeling like I could actually do this, I was quickly reminded that I wasn't doing so hot.

The good news is that the doctor was not worried about Brooklynn at all.  She looked good and was very alert.  She poops, pees, and eats all day, so the doctor was confused about what was happening.  So I now just have to keep record of everything that she does and go back in to weigh her again on Friday.  I've also started to feed her some formula, if she wants it.  The problem is that she usually falls fast asleep after she eats and does not want to open her mouth for anything else.  So everyone needs to think good and chunky thoughts for Friday that she'll start gaining weight.

In other exciting news, Bailey is doing great on the potty training front.  We are going on week two and she's doing good.  When she plays she forgets that she is supposed to focus on going to the bathroom, but since we mostly sit at home all day she's doing good.  I'm not quite sure how long this entire process will take, but the attention has been good for Bailey.  It was not the time table that I would have picked to do this, but the very first day we started I could see how she loved the attention.  It kind of calmed her down a little bit because we were focusing on her too.  So I might not be able to leave my house without a backup outfit for both Bailey and Brooklynn, but I guess that's what diaper bags are for.

 Here's where you'll find Bailey most of the day.  Her tiny baby is sitting on her tiny potty too--that trick lasted for about a day.
This was Bailey after her weekend get away with Toni and Aaron; she was as happy as could be! 

Here's Brooklynn all dressed up and no where to go--of course complete with a bow!

Brooklynn's belly button thing finally fell off, so we gave her her first bath.  It was quite the family affair.  Bailey wanted to jump in there with her, Toni was there to document the occasion, and Tera was there for back up assistance with the towel.

She did not like it so much!

And she wasn't too happy with us afterwards, but look at how cute she is even when she cries.

Last week Toni came down, the weather was nice, so we went to the beach.  Bailey was showing some crack all day since she doesn't wear a diaper anymore.  I did not think of this when I bought her bathing suits for this summer, so I might have to buy another one or just put sun screen where the sun don't shine.

Brooklynn did really well on her first few beach outings.  I forgot that I will have to go back to bringing the umbrella to the beach this summer.  I'm already strategizing how I'll be able to beach it this summer.  Any suggestions for the beach with two kids is greatly welcome!

She's really a peaceful baby most of the time.

Here's Bailey loving life!  She is a great beach kid and will need to train her sister to follow in her footsteps.


Trish said...

Awww...I love the updates! I can't wait to meet the little one! We miss Bailey, but are so proud of her potty accomplishments! Let me know when we can steal her back or if you need anything!

Lissy said...

Your baby is darling! And I love that last photo of Beach-Baby-Bailey! So cool to read your birth story. Hope you are recovering well! :)

Zak and Emily Smith said...

Your Girls are so dang CUTE!!!