Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Lights with Cousins

Bailey's cousins, Kate and Owen, have been down with us for the past few weeks. It's been so much fun to see how they all play with each other. Bailey mostly watches them playing with each other, but she learns from them so quickly. Before Christmas we went to a house in San Marcos that has 100,000 lights on it. The house is so big and bright that they have a website; it's called like Christmas on Knob Hill. It really is amazing how many different moving objects they have on every single inch of their yard and house. I just love it when people go all out for Christmas! The night we went it was jam packed with people; it's such a nice thing to do for the neighborhood--although I'm not sure how much their neighbors love it. The kids loved it!
Keri came home from school, so she was able to come with us. Bailey has crazy eyes in this shot; she was mesmerized by the lights. Owen loved the lights!

Despite this sad face, Kate did really like the lights too.

Bailey had no fear of Santa this year. The twins were still traumatized by our mall Santa experience a few weeks ago and would not even come close to him. They would shout his name, but as soon as you took a step toward him, they would start really screaming. Bailey just wants to be held by anyone--even Santa. Owen liked the lights so much he wanted to eat them.

I love this picture of Kate and Owen. It took quite a few tries to get both of them looking at the lights. They look like a cute mini couple since Owen is standing on the curb he looks a lot taller than he really is.We even brought Doby along for this Christmas outing. I had to carry him because he was going crazy with all of the people around. He wanted to go up and greet everyone.We actually put Bailey inside the yard for this picture. We soon after got in trouble because you're not supposed to go on that side of the fence or touch anything--sorry!

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