Sunday, January 18, 2009

January in San Diego

I just wanted to post some pictures of what we--meaning Southern California people--wear in the middle of January. The past couple of weeks it's been around 80 degrees!! Can you believe it?! When I watch the news in the morning, it doesn't make sense to me that the East Coast is freezing with below zero temperatures, but we're nice and toasty out here. It seems like we're in a totally different country; somewhere below the equator where it's summer now.

We wear short shorts and cute skirts! I put her in all of her skirts and shorts this past week. it was great because those clothes won't fit her by the time it gets warm again, so I felt like I was really getting some good use of those clothes. Hopefully, when it gets cold again her warm clothes will still fit. Toni watched her a couple of days last week and she took her on a shopping trip for this cute summer in the winter outfit. Along with the adorable onesie, she bought her really cute sandals which I have her wear with everything now. I love it when she wears shoes, but she does get stuck on them sometimes because they're so big. I guess that's just the price you pay for looking so cute!

This is what she wore to church today. She's such a big girl! She's going to be 11 months old tomorrow and I can't believe it. She pulls herself up on everything and will let go with one hand, but she gets really nervous if she let's go with both hands. She's really into talking these days too, but not just talking--screaming. It's not sad or angry screaming, just really loud, happy talking screaming. She's just tryint to get her point across.If this picture had sound, I'm pretty sure that you'd be hearing what was on her mind at the moment. I love dressing her up for church; she looks just like a little doll.She's such a happy baby and loves to smile--or make there weird, crazy faces all the time. This is actually the face she makes right before she makes a loud noise of some sorts.

This picture is of my nightowl child. I just put her to sleep because she's on a crazy schedule today. This 1:00 church is killing me! She should sleep right before we go to church, but that hasn't happened yet. She'll fall asleep in the car, but carrying her in her car seat into church wakes her up. Then she's tired, but not grumpy, but you know she should fall asleep. She'll nap for maybe 20-30 minutes during the second or third hour of church (thanks Kim!) and then again on the way home. When we get home she could eat, but today I thought I'd see if she could make it until 6:00ish and then be done for the day. The plan was working until we got home from my parents' house at 10:00and she was wide awake and ready to eat. I fed her and let her crawl around for a while, but as you can see from this picture she was tired. I just went upstairs and laid her down and she didn't make a single sound. So I don't know what to do about 1:00 church. If she was a great napper, I'd say just change her nap time, but her nap time is whenever she falls asleep. I don't want to feed her in the middle of church because it's a lot more now than just giving her a bottle. She eats a bowl of rice cereal and then some sort of baby food and sometimes a bottle on top of that. I think this year at church will be interesting as Bailey gets older and able to do more (including screaming in the middle of church).

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Hoy Family said...

Bailey looked so cute yesterday at church!!! She is such a little sweetie!!! I also am glad that Ryan still fits into his summer clothes and that I'm able to re-use them quite a bit now :)

1:00p church I think is awful for these poor kids! Poor Ryan can't get a good nap either and it's wearing me out!!! :)