Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knee High Headbands

It is well known that I love dressing Bailey for church on Sundays. Thanks to Sam, I have also learned the very fine art of making headbands from knee-high pantyhoes. I try to make Bailey a headband to go with every dress. Sometimes they turn out adorable, and others are kind of a flop. The past few weeks I've been going a little crazy matching her dresses. With her apple dress, I made a navy blue with red bow. Who wears navy blue knee highs? The bigger question is who still wears knee highs? Whoever does, I thank them because they make it possible for me to totally coordinate my daughter's outfits.
With her polka dot dress I made a white band with a blue bow. These pictures show her progression of melt down after 1:00 church.

Starting out very sleepy.

Next phase is not wanting to eat, but just sit in her high chair and be sad. She's not possessed, I just don't know how to turn on the red eye on my camera.

I love this last one because this is how she used to fall asleep when she was just a tiny little thing.


k N d said...

OH. MY. CUTE! i love that last picture. and i'm still dumbfounded at that shade of blue knee-high. ridiculous... :)

beck said...

that made me laugh cause i used to wear knee highs on my mission a ll the time. there was no way i was going to wear pantyhose. i hated those things abround my waist, but i also hated feeling like a grandma in my knee highs. it made me laugh everytime i pulled up my skirt. and i owned navy blue:)

kerimaemiller said...

o i miss the little nugget!!! she is really the cutest little thing

Hoy Family said...

SHE IS SO DARN CUTE!!! I love the headbands and if I ever have a girl you will have to teach me the trick :) I love the picture with her fast asleep. It is so darn cute!!!