Monday, April 6, 2009

A Dancing Machine

Bailey has started to dance. She does it when she gets really excited or hears music. It's mostly just a lot of bouncing and some arm waving, but every now and then she gets really creative and throws some ballet moves in there. I got a video of her doing some ballet leg lifting during a dancing session. I too am bouncing a lot so this video may cause sea sickness. It's not too exciting, but it makes me laugh.

Also check out her cute outfit that grandma bought for her. I love babies in dresses and leggings. I want to go out and buy leggings in every color, but it's kind of the end of legging season so I'm having a hard time. Maybe it's a sign that I really don't need to buy leggings in every color.


Samantha said...

She is so adorable. it's just going to get more fun.

Kadee said...

So cute, and you were making me laugh...while you were laughing, ha ha!

k N d said...

OH. MY. GOSH. she has an awesome bootie shake going on... :)