Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feeling the Beat

I was just sitting at the computer while Bailey crawled around the kitchen and played with everything. She's fascinated with straps, so she stood up and played with her high chair. I was checking on everybody's blog, and I went to my sister Keri's blog. Her blog has the music playlist that automatically starts playing when you enter the site. When the music started playing, Bailey started dancing to the beat. It's really funny if you watch this video about half way through I switch to a different song--"What's My Name" or something like that. About the time that the drums start beating, Bailey started doing some jazzy knee pop to go along with the music. I'm sure it's coincidental, but I'd like to think that she just has great rythym! I do apologize that I'm always so loud on the videos, but I can't help talking to Bailey, singing along, and laughing with her! Just another fun day of spring break.

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