Monday, June 1, 2009

Such a Big Girl

Bailey is almost 16 months old. This is such a fun stage! She learns new things everyday; you can just see her brain thinking with everything that she does. When she's not trying to figure something out, she just like to chill and watch Yo Gabba Gabba! It's her (and Brian's) new favorite show. She usually dances the entire time (I'm still trying to get a good video of it) But doesn't she just look like a big girl? She's got her tiny barrette and her walking shoes. Here are some fun pictures of what she does:

She kind of has a love/hate relationship with her shoes. When she sees her shoes, or any shoes, she gets really excited and tries to put them on her feet. The part she loves best on her shoes is the velcro--what a fabulous invention. She loves opening and closing the velcro. Once her shoes are on, she then likes to try to take them off. If she's wearing sandals, they're usually off before we get wherever we're going in the car.

Bailey is always teething! Just when I think she'll get a little break from new teeth, another batch will start to come in. That's why she's always chewing on something--fingers, high chair, Doby's toys, shoes, etc. It's also why she's usually in a constant state of snot. The joys of being a baby--snot and teeth. Right now she has the two bottom teeth, working on the four top teeth, and I think the second set of bottom teeth are working their way in too.

She also does kind of an air raid move. She'll be crawling or walking around and then flatten out on the ground. She'll also do it if you ask her to go night night. I think she's also seeing what the floor tastes like in this picture--yum!

She also likes to try to escape or do stuff that she knows she shouldn't. She just looks back at me and gives me a little smirk, like look what I can do.

Here she's so happy that Doby came to visit her in the bath. She loves playing with Doby, but I'm not quite sure that he loves her just as much. I don't know what I'll do when she doesn't fit in the sink; it's so convenient.


Samantha said...

How sad is it that I knew the song in the background of the shoe video? haha. She is adorable. And I think she'll fit in the sink for a super long time. My kids are 27 months old and I just gave them a sink bath today!

k N d said...

cutest pictures ever! and i love athat she is taking a bath in the sink. my favorite. :)

kaci said...

I was wondering if anyone would know the lovely background music of Yo Gabba Gabba! Yesterday my favorite song was Don't Bite Your Friends--a very valuable lesson.

kerimaemiller said...

she is so big!! haha!! i love this little nugget!!