Friday, May 22, 2009

She's a Walker!

It's official--Bailey is walking! She started walking on Mother's Day--happy Mother's Day to me. She's just been walking a few times a day, but on Wednesday she started walking a lot. Yesterday she walked over to the footstool, climbed on top, then climbed on the couch and then turned around and laughed. We're moving into new territory--both good and bad. She thinks she a climbing monkey and tried to climb everything. Here's a pretty good video of her walking (despite the shakiness of the camera). It's also cute because she gives her little baby some good loves in the end.

I just wanted to post this quickly before I head off for a field hockey tournament this weekend. Brian will be braving the world alone with Bailey, so in case he calls you it's because he's bored. I know they'll enjoy a lovely father-daughter weekend. Good luck to both of them!

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Hoy Family said...

So freaking cute!!!