Friday, May 1, 2009

So Close!

Bailey's favorite game to play right now is stand up and see who notices. She's so close to walking. The other night she took two mini steps in a row and then collapsed; we have the camera ready to go so we can get her first real steps recorded. Right now she's just so proud of herself that she can stand up. She'll stand up anywhere and just look around and smile. In this picture, she was standing up and then showing her Herculean strength and picking up her rocking horse. This girl is kind of freakishly strong! She has great balance because she can stand and bend over and pick stuff up and still be standing. I know when she realizes that she can actually walk, she's going to just start running all over the place. It's exciting, but I know our whole world is going to change once she takes those first steps.

Look at how happy she is! She'll stand and smile and laugh all day long.

Here she is being a cool chick with sunglasses on her head like mommy!


beck said...

ha ha! i remember corduroy used to pick up things and say "i so strong!" one time she picked up a fire extingusher and said it over and over while everyone walking by laughed at her.

Cicely said...

Oh man! Did a little "Blog surfing" ever pay off tonight. YeeeeeHawwwww! My Aunt Rolayne was telling me that you had a sweet little girl now. I wouldn't know what that is like. I have a boy. My life = tractors, trucks, dirt.