Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just Chillin'

I can officially celebrate my life as a normal person--no coaching after school! So when school is done, I pick up Bailey and head home. Sometimes we have to stop by Grandma's house to "pick oranges!" Bailey loves picking oranges/tangerines from my mom's grove. I need to get a video of her saying it because it sounds so cute with her little 2 year old accent. Yesterday we stopped by the house and nobody was home, but we put shoes on and marched down to the trees. She just wanted to pick two tangerines--one for each hand--and then we were on our way. The life of a two year old is awesome!

Most days when we get home, we just hang out. It usually starts out with coloring, a tea party or two, of course all of the toys need to come out, and we eventually always end up with Gabba. Here's a funny picture of Bailey just chillin':
She has her milk in hand and her bowl of cereal close by. That is all it takes (most of the time) to put a smile on her face.

Since I was taking pictures of Bailey, she wanted her camera to take pictures of me--kind of.

This is a funny video to show just how much she can say these days. A warning that there is a mention of poop, but it's funny. She's trying to say enchilada and she does a pretty good job.


Nanny Trish said...

Yay Mommy Time!

kerimaemiller said...

that is fun!!! lil poop nugget