Sunday, February 28, 2010

We Love Cousins!

February was a month of cousinly love for Bailey. Kate and Owen came down two weekends in a row and Marty and Mallory were here for a week from Michigan. It's so much fun to get the cousins together; I just know they're all going to be bestest friends! Here are some pictures to document all of their cousinly love, so when they get older and fight we can say look at these pics!

One weekend with Kate and Owen, we went to this weird art mosaic park in Escondido--Queen Califia Park. It's filled with these crazy mosaic statues--lots of them are of mosaic women with big boobs. The kids just ran around and stared at everything.
In this picture, I got all three of them to sit still for one second.

Bailey and Kate aren't quite sure what to make of this crazy lady.

I love this picture of Owen. He is truly triumphant!

We were trying to get both of them to put their hands up, but all we got were jazz hands from Owen and a blank stare from Bailey.

If one of them takes a bath at my mom's house, all three of them have to take a bath--all for one and one for all! Bailey loves it, but I'm pretty sure that Kate was just bothered by the whole situation. Pretty soon, they'll be so big they won't be able to fit in the sink at all.

Here's Marty and Marty riding the flying Dumbo ride. We went to Disneyland with them one day while they were here. It was surprisingly crowded, but the kids had tons of fun!
Here's Mallory and Bailey on the Jungle Boat ride. I think I took this picture right after the boat driver shoots at the alligator and it scared both of them.

Bailey was teaching Mallory how to play her favorite game--Night Night. She lays down in lots of blankets and then sits up and shouts, "Wake up!" She would seriously play it for hours if she could.
I can't believe that I actually got this picture! The ten seconds before and after this were filled with crying, screaming, and two tired, little girls. For once I got the shot I wanted. Neither of them were too happy about it, but just following orders.
February was also fun because Keri came down for a weekend! She was here for Bailey's birthday and helped Bailey play in her tent. It was fun to just hang out with Keri for a few days; we shopped, ate, watched movies, and played with the kids.

Now that tomorrow is March, we're kind of through with our fan fare of visitors for a while, but it sure was fun!

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