Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to our little Bailey. Today she turns two and I can't believe it! I guess I can't describe her as a baby anymore because she truly is a big kid now. She is our dream come true and we're so lucky to have her in our family! I love this age because everyday it's something new and exciting that she learns.

This week one of Bailey's dreams came true when she was able to meet Minnie Mouse in person. It's Minnie and she's real!

Here are some of my favorite sayings that Bailey has in her repitoire at 2:

"Oh, my goodness!", "Get down Doby!", "Different one" (when she wants me to sing a new song or change the CD to a different song), "Scary, ooohhh!" (this saying applies to any place that is dark; she thinks it's really funny), "Dada, Mama, and Baby" (this is how she judges size for all objects. Dada = big things, Baby = tiny things, and Mama just fits somewhere in between those two), her role call through every single person that she knows including all the Yo Gabba Gabba characters, and all animal noises.

Here she is saying, "Scary, ohhhh," which she said in most of the rides at Disneyland that were dark. I thought it was super cute when by the end of Pirates of the Caribbean she was chanting yo ho, yo ho, pirates and swinging her arm back and forth. She picks things up really quickly and you can see her thinking all the time.

Favorite Songs: If You're Happy and You Know It, EIEIO (Old Macdonald), I'm a Little Teapot, BINGO, Wheels on the Bus (favorite verse is the mommies saying shhh), super old Disney songs from a really old Disney CD mix--Monkey's Uncle (so old that the lead singer is Annette Funicello), The Color Song, and the song the elephants sing on The Jungle Book.

Favorite Foods: berries/raisins (the two are interchangeable thank goodness since raisins are a lot cheaper than the dried berries; she can't say her "r" sounds really well so she sounds a little like a cute Elmer Fudd), waffles, hot dogs, cereal, and anything with dip.

Our birthday wishes for you this year are:

That you continue to grow up big and strong--look at those big muscles. Remember that you have been a fighter since day one, so keep on fighting!
We can bypass the "terrible twos" and those days that make me feel like pulling my hair out--just kidding about me feeling like pulling my hair out. I just liked the picture! Out of nowhere, she just started playing with my hair; it was funny.
And that you grow some beautiful, long locks of hair! Again, just kidding I just couldn't resist this picture of Bailey's crazy hair. This is what happens when it's in pigtails all day and I sprayed sun screen on her part so her head wouldn't burn. When I took it out, she said, "OOOh crazy!"

We love you, our little Bailey girl!!


Lissy said...

Happy Birthday Bailey!!! Cute photos and stories, I Love it! :)

Erin Hoy said...

I cannot believe that Bailey is 2!!! Where on earth did the time go?!?!?! Love the pictures and now I want to go back to Disneyland... :)

k N d said...

yes, this is me crying. so cute. :) she really is such a smart kid! and i LOVE the color song. one of my all time favorites! jordann used to sing that all the time when she was a kid so we all know it by heart! haha. miss you guys!