Sunday, February 14, 2010

Party On!

Today Roxann had a birthday party/carnival for Bailey and Mallory. Bailey was born on February 19th and Mallory was born on February 21st. It's not often that you have a cousin so close in age--too bad that we live so far apart (California & Michigan). Since the cousins came into town today, it was perfect planning for their party that ended up really being a carnival. There was a giant jumpy, sandbox to dig in, tent/tunnel to crawl in, bubble machine, lots of yummy food, and more presents than any two two-year-olds could ever imagine. We had 8 kids and 22 adults and no meltdowns--big or small! That is what you call a successful party! Here are some pics that captured the event: The jumpy was big hit! I bet all of the kids will sleep really well tonight :)

Here's Bailey, Madison, Marty, and Kate having fun. We quickly found out that mixing bubbles and the jumpy can quickly turn slippery and dangerous. Fun idea, but possibly really bad results.

For the first 30-45 minutes, the sandbox was the event of choice for the girls: Mallory, Kate, and Bailey. Bailey stayed and played in the sand all by herself even once some of the kids had discovered the jumpy. She loves the sand--whether at the beach or at home!

Let us eat cake and ice cream! I was surprised that most of kids loved the ice cream more than the mini cupcakes. Funny to think about last year's cake and how it was totally demolished and then look at this year's cute, little cupcake sitting there on her plate. I guess that means that she's a little more used to eating sugar this past year than the year before.

Here are the two birthday girls enjoying round two of ice cream and cupcakes.

The next phase of the party: presents! There were truly a ridiculous amount of presents for just two tiny little girls. Bailey really got into the presents and everything was open, open, open. I tried to get her to thank people, but I think that might have been just too much for her to handle in the sea of presents. I guess that's what thank you cards are for!

Here are some of the wild and crazy party guests:

My family always makes for a full house and Baby Riley was up and ready to dance!

Tera taught Kate how to blow bubbles.
Bailey and Toni
Bailey was so thirsty while she was opening presents that she really like these new sippy cups from Matthew, Vanessa, and Emma--thanks guys!
Cute Owen!
Bailey loved this ladybug bean bag that Adam and Teryn gave to her. At this point, she just needed a place to take a break for a moment. Thanks for the bean bag!
It was a great way to kick off our week long birthday celebration for the BIG NUMBER 2!! Thanks Roxann and Dan for such a fun party!


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sad i wasnt there.. be there on thursday!!!!!!

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my goodness kaci. i can't believe she's 2! well, tomorrow... crazy. she really is so cute. what a fun party!