Sunday, February 7, 2010

M: Michigan, Mulletts, Muffins

During February, Brian's family is taking turns flying out to California to escape the cold winter in Michigan. It's been lots of fun because there's always something going on! This past week, Aunt Nancy and Pop came out for a visit. Uncle Fred and Aunt Hariette have been out here for a month and get to stay until March. Next week Marty, Melanie, Lil' Marty, and Mallory are taking their turns ditching the snow. We love our Michigan visitors, but think maybe they should just all move out here and stay all year!

Bailey and Emma just hanging out with Aunt Nancy.

Here's all the brothers and Pop.

This morning Bailey got the Michigan spirit and wore this hat around. It's funny because she totally looks like she has a Michigan mullett when she wears the hat.

Brian made blueberry muffins for breakfast. While Brian was making them, Bailey kept chanting, "Muffins, muffins, muffins!" I'm not really sure she knew what a muffin is, but she sure did want one. Later in the morning I noticed that Bailey was awfully quiet. I looked into the kitchen to catch Bailey red-handed stealing bites of muffins! It was too cute to interrupt, so I just took a picture instead.

After church we're heading over to Roxann and Dan's house for the superbowl. So yeah for football--mostly the fact that it will be over until next year!! I love the superbowl, but only for the commercials and delicious snacks. Go football!


k N d said...

she really is adorable in those glasses! haha. and i love the sneaking muffins. she's so funny.

kerimaemiller said...

ok well.. i think it is time for a haircut for the lil nugget??? haha
see you soon... i am coming home!!

EmlovesJames said...

This is Emily Haskell. Quick question-what is the name of the fabric store in San Diego? You said it's better than the fat quarters shop and cheaper. Thanks! Oh and Baily is adorable!!! I love the glasses!

Bliss & Gary said...

I love that you got that picture of Bailey in her diaper-butt stealing muffins. Adorable!