Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just Chillin'

I wish I could say that's what we've been doing, but it seems that we've been doing anything but just chillin.  I thought my life would be filled with care free afternoons that would drag out into lovely, relaxing evenings once field hockey season was over, but that hasn't been the case yet.  Here's Bailey on Thanksgiving.  I love this picture!  She looks like she's just hanging out (on the counter) loving her life.  We need to be like this more often.

Needless to say, life has been busy, but good kind of busy--busy planning, meeting, organizing, shopping, driving, working, etc..  This weekend is going to be so much fun.  It's our ward Christmas party on Friday, Toni's bridal shower on Saturday, and our family Christmas kickoff party on Sunday.  Keri and CJ are coming down, so we decided to cram everything into one weekend.  Ty flew down today, so I'm so excited that the whole family will be here!!  We are planning some super fun stuff for all of our parties this weekend, so I hope it all works out. 

Right now, it's way too late so I'm off to bed.  Here's a picture of me and Bailey on Thanksgiving and the kids at a park last weekend.  They can really get into some awesome quarrels when the three of them together, but they can also be really good friends.  We just shake our heads when they get really loud and think, "They'll all end up being best friends one day!"


Lissy said...

What a cute picture of Bailey - you always dress her so cute!

keri mae rhineer said...

great update!!

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

Bailey is just DARLING in those pictures! Glad you have had a great holiday season so far, and I will see you at the Ward Christams Party :o)

Toni said...

good one Kaci. I love that outfit Bailey is wearing. Is it strange to say I wish they had that in my size?