Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

We got a whopper this year!  I'm not quite sure what we were thinking, but we about doubled the size of tree that we normally get.  As we were unbinding it, I was certain we were going to reenact a scene from Christmas Vacation.  Despite it's grandeur size, I think we pulled it off!  The corner is totally consumed by Christmas tree, but I love it!
Here's Bailey and Papa at the tree lot.  My dad was trying to convince her to pick his tall and skinny tree, but we went with the big and fat one.

Bailey's favorite thing was running through the "forest" and hiding.

Her favorite one was the beautiful pink flocked tree at the entrance.  By this point on our adventure, she, of course, has her mouth filled with candy--very typical Bailey.
This was the almost Griswold moment that we had.  I thought for sure that the tree's branches were going to burst out of the netting and break our sliding glass door.

She's ready for the finishing touch--the star!

Tada!!  She could almost reach the top.  We only broke three ornaments in the process of decorating our tree this year--two incurred irreparable damage (one by Bailey and one by me) and the third is still waiting to be glued back together.  A very successful evening by most standards.  Every day Bailey wants to rearrange her decorations and make sure that we have some candy canes on the tree.  I know that if I put more than one candy cane on the tree, they will slowly disappear and end up in Bailey's stomach.  This child would live on candy canes if allowed.  Happy tree decorating to all!


Trish said...

I heard all about the pink tree! Why couldn't you just get it for her room? Sheesh! :-)

keri mae rhineer said...

i love the big tree!!!