Monday, May 16, 2011

Bubbles, Rainboots, & S'mores

Brooklynn was 2 months old yesterday!  It's kind of crazy how quickly two months have flown by.  My philosophy is since I'm not working, I'm going to take full advantage of my time off--even with a tiny baby!  Thank goodness that Brooklynn is an angel baby and sleeps magically most days.
Blowing bubbles is one of her favorite activities.

Last week we took Brooklynn to see the GI specialist again.  The good news--she's up past her birth weight!  She officially weighs 9 pounds 12 ounces.  So in her first two months of life, it took her one month to lose a pound and another month to gain it back and add one more.  Her official diagnosis is: idiopathic neonatal hepatitis.  Try to say that quickly!  In a really fancy way it means that some babies get hepatitis and they don't know why.  Don't let the term hepatitis scare you; it simply means that her liver is inflammed and hepatitis is the technical medical term for that.  The doctor said that it will go away within the first year and that there are no permanent side effects or damage because of it.  That's all I wanted to hear.  We still have to monitor this for a while with regular lab work and weight checks, but she's a tough little girl who can handle it.
She loves her right hand and she's getting pretty good at getting it to her mouth.

At two months old, here are her list of likes:  the ceiling fan in our room will occupy her time for a while, eating all day long, any song that I sing to her (she thinks I'm the greatest singer that ever lived), taking naps, her right fist (it finds its way to her mouth quite often), being held, this crazy sound I make to get her to smile, and any machine that makes loud noises (vacuum, car, hair dryer, etc.).
Some more bubbles and a smile!
We also made a trip to Disneyland last week.  We bought those two day SoCal passes a while ago and they had to be used by last Saturday.  Brian couldn't take a day off of work, so I brought Tera with us.  We picked up Toni along the way and met Becky, Hailey, and Chloe there.  Bailey loved having all of her favorite people there.  It was so fun to watch Bailey and Hailey run around and talk about Disneyland all day.  Around 2:00 we left to meet up with my parents and grandparents for lunch and the Sullivans left for the day.  We had a wonderful late Mother's Day lunch with the family and then headed back for more fun. 
We saw the scary Queen of Hearts on our way into Disneyland.  Bailey couldn't decide if she was scared or happy to see her, but she was brave enough to take the picture.
It was so much fun having Tera with us and the girls loved it!
They loved the teacups.  It was practically impossible to get a picture with both of them smiling and looking at the camera.  There was just so much for them to look at.
Happily waiting in line, as Bailey would say, "This is the best day ever!"

We went to California Adventure on our return trip.  Since it was getting a bit chilly, Toni put Bailey's rainboots in the stroller just in case her feet got cold.  (Don't ask why her boots were in the car, but I ended up being really happy they were.)   Toni watched the girls so Tera and I could go on the Tower of Terror; it was an awesome ride.  Then we walked over to the other side of the park to ride the giant Ferris wheel.  This ride surprised all of us and was lots of fun.  We then continued to walk around the carnival rides to see what Bailey could ride; she was just a little bit too short for most of them.  Then we had a brilliant idea--put on the rainboots to make her tall enough!  The idea worked!!  Bailey was able to ride any ride with a 40 inch minimum requirement.  (It reminded me of when I was little and my mom shoved empty cups into the heels of my tennis shoes to make me tall enough to go on a ride at Magic Mountain.  I learned so many useful parenting tips from my mother!)  Due to her new found height, Bailey was even able to go on Soaring Over California.  She loved it!  She said that she was flying like a bird and wasn't scared one bit.  Bailey is a fearless kid.  So now when we go to Disneyland (which will be more often since I bought us passes)we'll always pack the rainboots whether or not it's raining.
Posing peacefully on the giant Ferris wheel, before...

the fun part!  She's such a big girl that she didn't want me to hold on to her, but I was afraid she would fall out of her seat if I didn't.

My sistas!

This was the first ride wearing the rainboots.

This is the height requirement sign outside of Soaring Over California.  Her head just barely skimmed the bottom of the 40 inch post.  She was so excited that she could ride it with us.  It was fun to watch her on the ride; she wasn't scared at all.

There is a commercial on TV for Hershey's chocolate that has been making me want s'mores. Every time I see it, I instantly crave s'mores. I finally gave into my cravings and bought s'mores supplies last week. On Saturday, we brought the outdoors in and made s'mores on our stove. Bailey was really excited about all the delicious ingredients--graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmellows. Those three things are definitely in her list of top ten foods, but s'mores probably won't make the cut. She took a baby bite and then the messiness of it all scared her away. She ended up eating just a plain, old, roasted marshmellow. It was a fun family activity. And you better believe that I'll be having more s'mores later this week!
Bailey's first bite of s'mores

She loved her plain marshmellow the most.  I kept asking her all night, "Do you like Flock of Seagulls?"  Her day old hairdo reminded me of the movie The Wedding Singer and that guy with the crazy hair.


keri mae rhineer said...

so great!!! i wish i was at disneyland

Roxann said...

The girls are getting so big so fast, especially Bailey. Thanks for the great blog. Roxann

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

this all looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! My sister and I used to eat indoor s'mores {as we called 'em??} all the time! Love that!

Samantha said...

After reading your blog last night I dreamt we were at Disneyland with you guys! (Except in my dream you guys made me sneak my kids in and then Owen fell into a non-existant running stream and someone had to save him. haha)

I'm so glad bailey got on the ride with those rainboots on! Legoland here we come!