Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Muda's Day!

Me and my girls

Happy Mother's Day!!  In the title I spelled it "muda" because that's how Bailey says it.  All of her "th" sounds come out sounding more like a "d" when they're in the middle of a word.  It's so adorable when she says it, so I had her saying it all day. 

It was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.  Toni came down on Saturday so we (me, Toni, and Tera)took our mom to get pedicures.  We love a good pedicure!  Then we met the rest of the family for a lovely lunch at BJ's.  The grand finale to the day was that me, Toni, mom, and dad, went to the movies!!  We saw Water for Elephants.  I really liked it; plus, I haven't seen a movie in a while so it was fun.  The only downside was that we were still so full from lunch, that we didn't get popcorn.  The big bonus of the movie was that Brian stayed home with Bailey and Brooklynn!  Since Brooklynn eats formula, she can stay home with dad for a while.  That's the beauty of a baby to takes a bottle!

On Sunday Brian and Bailey made me a yummy breakfast in bed.  It was waffles, strawberries, bacon, and OJ--all of my favorites.  I was able to sleep in as much as Brooklynn slept in, which, sadly, wasn't much at all.  Bailey made me a beautiful card and Brian got me a cute, new diaper backpack.  I have been wanting a back pack because it's easier to hold with two kiddos.  We then all got dressed and went to church.  After church we headed to the beach for a lunch with Roxann.  Despite the fact that it was freezing cold, we had a fun picnic at the beach.  From the beach we went to my parents' house for a Mother's Day dinner.  My dad and Brian cooked a wonderful feast for all of the ladies in the house.

It was a wonderful weekend!  I'm so thankful for the moms in my life.  My mom is such a great friend and example to me of what a mother should be.  I'm also thankful that I can be a mother to my two little girls!  Being a mom is hard work, but so much fun!!  Happy Mother's Day to all moms!

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