Sunday, February 22, 2009

What We've Been Doing

In my month hiatus from blogging, here's what's been going on in case you were wondering:

In one week, Bailey came down with pneumonia and started teething. Needless to say, it was a really fun week! I took a day off to stay home with her while she was sick. Thank goodness that Toni wasn't back in school yet because she watched her for two days. I took a picture of the trail of toys that Bailey created the day I stayed home with her. She would get one toy out, play with it for a minute, then go back to the toy basket for another one. For being a sick, teething baby, Bailey was surprisingly happy during her sick days. Luckily, she's doing great now!

She's started teething and has two bottom teeth that have broken through. Since she's started teething, her days of chewing on my chin are numbered. I know that it looks really weird, but she has always loved chewing on my chin. I don't know if she likes how it feels or that I move it up and down, but I think it's really funny--and it hurts now with her tiny teeth!I've been attempting to get Bailey to drink from a sippy cup. As you can see from this picture, they haven't been really successful attempts. She always ends up chewing on the bottom of the cups or on the handles. I have about five different kinds of cups, but she doesn't get any of them yet. Any ideas on good cups to start with?Bailey's new favorite trick is to play with the drawers. She finally discovered that they open and that there's stuff inside of them--or I should say that there used to be stuff inside of them. She loves to open them, but smashes her fingers a lot because she doesn't realize that she has to move them when she closes the drawer. In the drawer up in our bathroom, she has emptied the Q-tip box one too many times!And last, but not least, I have been playing more dress up with Bailey. My new favorite accessory is leg warmers. I know that they're meant for bigger kids to go up to their knees, but I couldn't wait that long. The leg warmers are so big that they work more like tights for Bailey. I think it's so cute that her "chunky" upper thigh hangs out at the top.

Who needs tights or pants in February, when you have striped leg warmers?


Erin Ewell said...

Hello again! Your wish is my command--just e-mail me you're address and i'll mail some to you you :) Free of charge! How many would you like??? my e-mail is
Talk to you soon!

Jennifer said...

YEah, you posted. I seriously laughed my head off with the film of Bailey on her bday. She is too cute. I am glad everyone is healthy again. She is such a big girl, and a little doll. Did you see Kristy? Love all the pictures.

Hoy Family said...

SO DANG CUTE!!! I just want to eat her! But don't worry I wont :)

Samantha said...

There were months and months where if you went into my bathroom you would just see qtips in every nook and cranny! Hate to say it- but they aren't completely over that one yet, so you might have a lot of qtip filled days ahead of you.

And I can totally relate to your sunshine committee. When the babies were newborn, I brought I smile to everyone that walked by us!

kerimaemiller said...

kaci...ya right you are the only one who comments on mine.. look at you... you have 4 already!! haha! bailey is soo big! i am sad... show her pictures of me... haha