Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Movie Night

Last Saturday we just hung out as a family.  We went to Target and the grocery store and bought supplies for a movie night.  Target at the movie Muppets take Manhattan for $4.75 so I had to buy it.  I wasn't sure if Bailey would like it, but you can't go wrong for less that $5!  We came home, cooked dinner, took a bath, put jammies on, and got ready for the show.  Bailey was riveted to the TV the entire movie; she would barely move her eyes from the screen for a picture.  She stayed up way past her bedtime, but it was worth it.  She loved the show and we loved just all hanging out together.
She would not take her eyes away from the movie; she was mesmerized.

It's not a movie night unless you have yummy popcorn to eat!

This was the only picture of her smiling--eyes closed, but smiling.  After this I just gave up, sat back down, and enjoyed the show.

Even Doby got in on the movie action and enjoyed the night lounging on the carpet.

My little sister Keri is getting married on Saturday!!  I can't believe it's actually here.  Yesterday she had her hair done so we had a photo session in her dress, shoes, makeup, and hair.  It was lots of fun and she looked so beautiful!
I'm not going to reveal more than this photo because I don't want to spoil the surprise.  But just look at how cute it is..more to come on Saturday!  This pic is so Keri!