Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good day Sunshine!

Summer has finally hit San Diego--and it's about time!  Last week, I drove around town with my windshield wipers on.  Before church on Sunday, it was full on raining!  Can you believe it?!  I sure couldn't, and I'm extremely glad that it's over.

Today was a beautiful, sunny, summer day.  And what a better way to celebrate a summer day besides going to the beach.  I don't have any pictures because I'm too scared to bring my nice camera and I forget to pack my old, little one.  Beach pictures soon, but for now you'll just have to imagine the fun.

While it was cold last week, we did some non beach summer things:

Julie, Will, and Eden came down and we went to the San Diego Zoo (along with everyone else in San Diego).  It was really crowded because everyone else had the same thought: it's not sunny, so let's go to the zoo today.  Even though it was crowded, it was really fun.  My favorite was the elephant exhibit because the elephants are so close!  Julie and I even picked the right way to walk around the park and avoided the dreaded steep hill--yeah for us!
We walked right up to the exhibit right as the elephant guy was feeding the elephant.  Bailey and Will were fascinated.

I even had Bailey sing her elephant song for the elephants.  The trainer guy started singing along with her so she thought it was awesome.
They had all sorts of big animal statues around the park and Bailey wanted to stop and play with each one.  I love this tiger one because she was totally checking him out before she climbed on his back.  She wasn't completely convinced that he wasn't real.

I love this picture of Bailey and Will because he just looks so concerned with how Bailey is doing.  They really played well the entire day.

Here they are pretending to be seals and pop up through the ice holes.  It took me a while to get Bailey out of this trap.  I ended up just pulling her out of a hole from the top because she didn't want to leave.

Hailey came over to play one day while Becky showed us how to make tissue paper balls.  The two girls went upstairs to play and came back down looking like this.  The best part is that Bailey had to put the tutu on Hailey because Hailey could not have put it on herself.  I wish we could have seen it!  These two friends are either the best of friends or the worst of enemies.  Luckily on this day, they were best friends.  With two names that rhyme--Bailey and Hailey--I think they're destined to be friends.
Saturday we had Keri's bridal shower.  It was tons of fun and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  If they didn't, oh well, we had lots of fun putting it together.  We got super crafty and loved every minute of it.  Keri got lots of fun stuff and found out that she and CJ know each other pretty well--28 points out of 42!  Keri looks like such the Holly Homemaker in this picture :)

Bailey came to the shower since the boys went to a movie.  She ate more candy at the shower than she did on Halloween.  She was very eager to share because she gave one to you and then two in her own mouth.  She's already talking about the chocolate fountain at Keri's dance party (that's what she calls the wedding reception).

On Monday Bailey and I drove up to meet baby Joslyn and stay with Kyle, Sam, Kate, and Owen for a couple of days.  These three cousins have so much fun together!  One day after dinner they all got popsicles because they had been so good.  I knew Bailey would destroy her's so I took her shirt off.  Just look at these faces!

We took baby Josie to her first day at the park.  She's such a teeny, tiny nugget!  You forget how small they come.  She is a really great baby and just sleeps all day, only waking up to eat and then back to sleep again.

Toni, Keri, and Ty stopped by Kyle and Sam's house on their way home from San Francisco on Tuesday.  So of course, Toni put on a little photo session with Joslyn.  The first day Bailey was home, Toni and I dressed her up and took some pictures.  This picture of Joslyn was too cute to not post. 

We are on major wedding day countdown at our house because Keri and CJ get married next Saturday!!  I can't believe it!  I think their wedding is going to be amazing, if we can just get it all done!

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