Friday, July 30, 2010

Keri & CJ's Wedding: The Big Day

Saturday morning came very quickly and before I knew it we were at the temple by 10:30.
All of the girls were dressed and ready to go.
They had to wait and wait and it got a little bit boring according to Bailey.
Finally, the now married couple came out!
I don't know what it is about people getting married, but little kids just flock to them on the wedding day.  All of the kids rushed the staircase as Keri and CJ came out.  It was really cute!
Now it was on to picture time:
The wedding party.
We could not resist a construction hat picture because, unfortunately, the temple was still under construction and covered in scaffolding and tarps.  I'm so glad my mom brought the hats because it is a great picture.
Bailey wanted to get in on the action.
While all of the pictures were going on, the little kids were enjoying running up and down the big hill.  I thought for sure one of them would fall down, but they were injury free.
Here's what Toni and Aaron like to call their fake family photo with borrowed baby :)
The wedding party went down to the beach for more pictures, but we went home to finish setting up the house for the big party and most importantly to put the kids down for a nap.

Kate and Bailey took to the dance floor right at 6:00.  Grandpa Mosher joined them and gave them each a dance on his feet.

There were three things that made Bailey really happy during the reception:
One: a mouth filled with chocolate covered marshmallows.

Two: Hanging out with Kali Wilson.  She was so happy to see her and Kali did such a great job of playing with her and making sure she didn't get into trouble.  I sense a great babysitter in the making.
Three:  Dancing with Trisha Wilson.  Bailey was in heaven to see the Wilsons and Trish was nice enough to dance with her for a long time.  Thanks Wilsons!
The pretty cake decorated by Shelly before it was eaten.
Right before they cut the cake I informed CJ that  we would quickly kick him out of the family if he shoved the cake in Keri's face.  I'm pretty sure he didn't need the warning, but I just had to do my part of big sister.
Kate, Bailey, and Owen wanted to dance during the daddy-daughter dance.
Cute Grandma and Grandpa Mosher.  We love them so much!
Here's Keri getting ready to toss her bouquet.  Our cousin Dani caught it much to the dismay of Brittany and Toni.
After the bouquet and garter toss, the real party began on the dance floor.
Bailey need to take a break from dancing with Brian.  Even Brian got out on the dance floor for a bit--go Brian!
The grandkids were all gettin' down with Grammy!  Bailey was super fly with her feathered pimp hat.
At 9:00 the dancing stopped and the sparklers came out.  Once they were lit, Keri and CJ were quickly gone.  I didn't even get one last picture before they left, but I know they had fun.  We also had fun playing with the leftover sparklers.
So did Kate and Owen.

It was a great day and a really fun party!

The next day we could not let the dance floor go to waste so I held a dance competition with kids.  Kate and Owen were really into it and showing me their best moves.  Bailey was more interested in having a tea party.
Here's Kate's best move coming straight from an 80s Jazzercize video.
Owen could not pass up the opportunity to show off is award winning smile!
And all Bailey wanted was a cup of tea!


kerimaemiller said...

o i love this so much!!

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

These pictures are fantastic. Good luck. We are so proud of you for getting to the temple

Shelly Carter said...

Love the blog it was fun to read about your cute family all my kids where preemie's too and all had apnea.
loved the flowers so cute

Kirstie said...

what cute wedding pictures!! and i loved that balloon idea, i am sure it looked awesome, i'll have to use that idea sometime!