Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fine, I'll do it...

but I won't be happy about it!  So I'm not a big fan of taking pictures of me being pregnant.  I guess I should want to capture the moment and make the memories last, but I'm fine if they just fly by.  So my mom took this picture of me large and in charge because she said that Keri made her do it.  I made Bailey come in the shot so at least it wasn't me all big and awkward.
So this is me prego at 34 weeks and 2 days. 

This stomach and baby of mine have been growing exponentially the past three weeks.  It was like my body knew when Toni's wedding was done and waited to explode until after.  I should be thankful that at least it waited until after the wedding.  I just feel huge and I hate all of my clothes.  Other than that, life is great. 

I did have a small miracle on Friday night, I slept for almost 7 hours straight!  I was pretty much a zombie at school on Friday since my lovely students got me sick.  But I can't take a sick day to actually be sick!!  Who would do that?  On Saturday I woke up for the first time at 5:45 and it felt like noon to me.  I know I shouldn't get used to it because in 5 weeks all sleep will be quickly forgotten.  But don't worry, I was up my usual 3-4 times last night and I'm sure I'll be up tonight too.

I also think I've maybe started some early nesting things.  Friday night, while Brian was at work and Bailey was sleeping, I made a three page To Do list.  It includes everything that I could possibly think of that I need/want to accomplish before Brooklynn comes.  It ranges from cleaning, to organizing, to decorating and crafting, and finding a middle name.  So this weekend, I was able to cross one thing off the list.  I'm thinking I need to pick up the pace a little bit.  I can halfway cross off several more items, but almost only counts in a game of horseshoes.

Besides being pregnant, the other big news around the house is: Bailey is turning 3 on Saturday!!  I can't believe it!  She is such a big kid it kind of makes me sad when I think about it.  We've been talking about her party for a few weeks because she knows that her birthday is on February 19th.  She is pretty consistent about a few things at her party: decorating cupcakes, cousins coming to play, and making a craft.  Other things like--the color of her cake, what food she wants, what she wants for her birthday--change from day to day.  Her latest obsession is going to pick out the color of her plates, knives, forks, and spoons for her birthday.  We'll be making a trip to Party City to see what rainbow of colors she picks out.  It's really funny that she's so into picking out the plates.  I can only guess that it's from picking out all the colors and plates for Toni's bridal shower and wedding.  I'm pretty sure that she also has fond memories of that store since half of it is candy.

I'm going to try to fill this week with fun Valentine's, party planning, anything else that's fun to distract me from work.  I only have to make it through four days and then I have a four day weekend!  I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday and I was slightly hoping that he'd put me on bed rest just for a few days--maybe even every Friday.  My wish was not granted, but everything else looks good (except for my left elephantitis foot and leg).

Early Happy Valentine's Day to all!!


keri mae rhineer said...

it is about time... i ask mom every day to document you!!!

Toni said...

NICE on sista! ok so I will be down there Friday later afternoon. I am thinking around 4? So I can help you with this todo list. especially if it is fun stuff! Ill pass on the cleaning. But I am so excited for Saturday. It should be fun, and lets hope for good weather