Sunday, February 6, 2011

Toni & Aaron's Wedding

Toni & Aaron got married on January 8th.  It was such a fun day and everything was perfect!  It's only taken me about a month to post about the big day, but I've had a few technical difficulties.  Today, I finally just purchased more storage space for my blog because it kept telling me I had no space left.  It made no sense, but I was sick of waiting for it to fix itself.  So without out further ado, here are some snapshots of Toni and Aaron's big day:

It was a perfectly cloudy day at the temple which makes for great pictures.  Here's my attempt at an artistic, pretty picture of the temple.
This was the only family shot of the three of us on that day.  It was probably due to the fact that I'm not a big fan of pictures these days because of my size.  Although compared to the size of my belly right now, I should have taken tons of pictures that day.
Bailey and Brian :)  Shelly made all the little girls mini bouquets.  Bailey had to have her's all day long.  She loved it!  And don't you just love their outfits?  They were adorable.

Here are the beautiful bridesmaides: Rania, Alish, and my sista Keri.
Bailey and Papa. She was so excited for Toni's big wedding party. She talked about it everyday for a couple of months. She couldn't wait to see Toni in her princess dress.

A cute family photo!
Once Toni and Aaron finally came out, the kids were so excited to see them.  They all wanted to help Toni with her princess dress walk over to the site of our photo session.
All of the siblings from both sides

Keri, Emily, and Ty

Dad, Mom, Toni, and Aaron

The entire Miller Gang!

I didn't get a great one at the temple of just the two of them, but you can still tell how happy they both are.

Both families joining together: Thomas & Miller

Bodie & Tyler--we were so glad that a lot of the Francis family was able to come down.  Shelly is our family's designated florist and we are forever grateful for her crafty eye.  It was even more fun because the boys came down too this time.

Bailey enjoyed her twirlly dress

Flying high in the sky!
This picture was a good as we could get of Mom and all the grandkids.  At this point, we were bribing them with whatever we had to smile.
As you can see from the next picture, the bribes weren't really working anymore.

Ty, Kyle, and Keri
Cute Josie
This was Bailey after 5 minutes in the car.  She was out like a light.

As soon as we got home from the temple, we headed back over to the barn to finish setting up for the reception.  Toni had done such a fabulous job at planning everything for the wedding that it wasn't that hard.  She had a map with detailed information about where everything went.  I didn't take a ton of pics of the barn, but trust me--it was beautiful.  
One thing that Toni and I worked on a lot for the wedding, was her sweets table.  We had so much fun ordering all of the yummy candy that we wanted!  Everybody loved the table.  We kind of over bought on the candy, but at least we didn't run out.  You can't see it that well in this picture, but there was even a mini chocolte fountain at one end of the table.  There was so much sugar at this wedding; it was so sweet!
Another thing that Toni wanted was a wall with lots of their engagement pics.  A last minute addition was the banners with their names.  I had so much fun making it with my cricut!  I always feel so accomplished when I'm crafty.  It turned out really nice and added an extra special touch to the barn.

Toni also wanted a ring ceremony to start off the reception.  The best part of the ring ceremony was the kids!  We had Bailey and Kate as flower girls and Owen was the ring bearer.  We had basket of petals for Shylie too, but I think she was just a little bit too young for it.

Here's Bailey with her big basket of petals.  We had some last minute instructing to do with the girls to show them what to do. 
The two of them looked almost like twins.  Despite the 11 months that separate them, they are the same height, the same hair color, and same cute hair cut.  They both felt really special that they could play a part in the wedding party.
Both Kate and Bailey in deep concentration performing their task of dropping petals.
The newly-married happy couple: Aaron and Toni Thomas!

Bailey wanted to use her entire basket of petals, so once she was in her spot she just dumped them all out.  It was hilarious!

Bailey wanted to take pictures with Toni, the princess, all night long.  She loves her Auntie Toni!
The Daddy-Daughter dance 

Here's the beautiful cake, thanks to Shelly who saved the day and covered up the disastrous attempt at a lace cake made with fondant.

I love how the both of them are cutting the cake ready to eat--open wide!
The garter belt thing
This was a classic moment of the night.  Toni never really wanted to do the bouquet toss, but we convinced her because it was such a good photo op.  On her first attempt, she threw the bouquet into the wagon wheel chandilier.  On her second attempt, once we got the bouqet down, she threw the bouquet up on top of the lighting fixture that you can see on either side of the wagon wheel.  She's just so strong!  So the bouquet toss did end up making for some great pictures, just not what we were imagining.
Once everything was done, the real party started--on the dance floor!  The kids truely danced their hearts out.  They danced for about an hour and never got tired.

They were so delerious and on a great sugar high, that much of their dancing took place literally on the floor.  This was Bailey doing a sort of back stroke dance move.

By the end of the night, Bailey was done.  It was such a fun day!  I'd do it all over again, and it wasn't even my wedding.  Welcome to the family Aaron!!


Toni said...

KACI this is the long awaited wedding post. Oh it was so much fun! The sweets table was the best and I think everyone should do that. Good job on the post! worth the money and now I can post.

Kirstie said...

i can't believe you are so craft on a cricut. i got one for christmas from my mother-in-law and have no idea what to use it for!!