Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday!  I will not reveal the age because a true lady never reveals an age :)  We thought that we should attempt to do a surprise party to make the day even more exciting.  The plan was to meet in Huntington Beach at Buca di Beppo; it was kind of a halfway point for everyone.  My mom was going up to Toni and Aaron's post-wedding photo shoot and then we would all meet at the party location.  I almost ruined the surprise a couple of times during the week, but we made it successfully without anyone ruining the surprise.  It was so much fun to have most of the family together and to actually surprise my mom.  We gave our mom money to buy a new sewing machine--she is quite crafty.  We love our mom and we hope she loved her party!  Here are some pics of the day for those who couldn't make it:

While we were waiting for them to come up to the table, we all sat with menus in front of our faces.  Everyone in the restaurant thought that we were a bunch of crazy people.  Brian was able to get a good shot that captured her surprise when she came around the corner.

Toni made a beautiful cake for the occasion.  It was quite delicious!

Happy Birthday to our Mama!

The cousins were all so excited to see each other.  Bailey ate three bites of pasta and wanted to run around and play with Kate and Owen the rest of the time.  I really couldn't blame her.

Kyle and Sam came down with all the kids.  Josi was an angel and slept for most of the lunch party.

It was extra specially fun because Grandma and Grandpa Mosher were able to be in on the surprise too.  They are so cute!

I love this picture!!  Those candles were well extinguished with all that wind power.
After we did our song, cake, and candles, the restaurant brought in their version of cake and candles.  The kids, of course, were up to the challenge.

Here's the whole group.

Even though we had just finished eating Toni's yummy cake, the kids were down for eating the brownie and ice cream from the restaurant.  Good thing Bailey only ate three bites of pasta, so she had plenty of room for the good stuff.

Kate was kind enough to share a bite with Papa.  Notice that Bailey did not waste a moment to get a bite while nobody else was looking.

She was one happy girl!  My mom was laughing because she had just eaten the hugest bite.

I love this precious cousin shot.  It was hilarious because Bailey went right up to Kate and did the typical prom pose without even being prompted.  She loves her cousins so much and is going to miss them a ton when they make their big move in a few weeks.

Look at this cute little nugget!!  She is getting so big and just wants to join in with the big kids.  She even ate some bread and crackers with her two tiny teeth.


Toni said...

Kaci it is still snowing on your blog... haha. like winter. This was a good one too. And I ate all the rest of the cake like a beast when I got home. love the twins and Baileys photo sesh.

keri mae rhineer said...

o that lil ones head.. it is so round.. i love it!!

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