Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cameras are for Singing Songs

Bailey has been sick for almost the past week.  Tonight, in fact, marked our third trip to the doctor's office since Friday.  Today's new ailment is ear infection.  I tell you this, not for sympathy, but to preface this funny video.  Last week when she woke up with a fever, coughing, and just sounding sick, Brian decided to record her while they were downstairs heading out to the car.  I don't know what prompted this video, I just know that it makes me smile.  I need to keep this video continually playing, so I will always smile when I feel so frustrated/tired at the end of the day. 

Bailey loves to sing.  She will often make up songs as she goes about her day or just sing to herself while she plays.  Lately, she's been singing a song about how she loves to take care of her dog while we take Doby potty.  We sing all the time in my car.  She's crazy good at memorizing lyrics and often surprises me with the lyrics that she does know.  Disney songs, primary songs, and nursery rhyme songs are all in her repertoire.  She's so good at memorizing songs that she will sometimes get the words down only after one listen, which is why she knows about Lady Gaga and other lovely pop artists.  Whenever she wants to be funny or mischevious, she'll mention Lady Gaga or sing Poker Face.  She thinks the song is "Poke Her Face" instead of "Poker Face", so it always makes me laugh.

One of her favorite primary songs is "I Love to See the Temple."  She loves watching the children's choir sing it on Brian's phone and I know that this song is what prompts her facsination with the temple.  I love listening to her sing it because she's so sincere about it and sings with all of her heart.  I also love it because there are some uncommon words for an almost three year old to know, but she knows them because of this song.  So this version of the song is Bailey's own remix and I love it.  Without further delay, here's the video:


Kirstie said...

haha! she is too cute! i love that she mixed the first and second verse beautifully.

Toni said...

Oh this is so cute. I love that this is her "secret duty." Hope she feels better soon.

keri mae rhineer said...

this is the best.....i want to play with that lil one... does she miss me??

Ammon and Becky Sullivan said...

Hailey has made me watch this video 4 times now, everytime trying to get Baily's attention, but in the end clapping while saying "good job"! Baily needs to get better so we can play soon.