Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Milestone...of sorts

Friday was a milestone in my pregnancy.  If I were pregnant with Bailey, I would have had her on Friday!!  That's a super crazy thought too me!  I had Bailey at 30 weeks and 2 days; that deadline has come and gone with this one.  So now I am technically more pregnant than I've ever been.

It's been an interesting week, as far as pregnancy things go.  I had an ultrasound on Wednesday to check to growth of the baby.  I love ultrasounds!  I've had so many this time because I'm seeing a specialist and he has an ultrasound machine right in his office.  Wednesday's ultrasound was different because it was with a big one.  The guy was really nice and explained every question that we asked.  As he was measuring her, he got quiet for a while.  My experience with being pregnant has taught me that silence is never a good thing.  So after a few minutes he asked how many weeks I was.  I told him that I was 30 weeks on that day.  He looked a little longer and then noted that was interesting because the baby was measuring closer to 32 weeks!  At first, I didn't know if this was good or bad, but decided on good.  He said that everything--her head, abdomen, and femur--was measuring around 31 1/2 to 32 weeks in size.  This could mean two things: one, my pregnancy was magically pushed two weeks ahead!!  two, I was having a ginormous baby.  He said that she was almost 4 pounds!  That's more than Bailey weighed when she was born.

After the ultrasound, I tried not to think too much about the fact that I could be two weeks further along...but I couldn't help it.  I had already looked at the new due date and my mind was planning away.  I kept trying to stay calm and wait until my doctor's appointment the next day.  I went into the appointment hoping that maybe my doctor would bump it ahead at least one week.  (I have begun to notice that these last 10 weeks of pregnancy can be rather uncomfortable.)  When Dr. Block looked at all the measurements, he decided that it was all great news--she was growing, my blood pressure was still low, everything looked awesome, but he wasn't going to move my due date.  He said that the ultrasound guy ended up putting that she was closer to 31 weeks and that a one week difference is pretty normal.  So I'm still 30 weeks pregnant, until Wednesday, when I turn 31 weeks!

I'm really trying to be a happy and cheerful pregnant person, but it's just so hard!!  I feel huge, but everyone keeps telling me that big is good for me.  I may actually grant my mom's wish of just a normal grandbaby who spends no time in the NICU and is big and fat!  If it will make my mom happy, then I guess it's all worth it.  So if you see me and notice a slight look of exhaustion, awkwardness, or being uncomfortable, just realize that I am trying to look pleasant, glowing, and radiant (at least that's what all the movies and books say that I should be).  Just some days are harder to fake than others.  I just think, thank goodness I was not a pioneer woman!  I'd like to think I'm pretty tough, but I guess I'm just tough in different ways than the pioneer women were.

So here's to another 9 1/2 weeks of being pregnant!!  I'm planning on closer to 9 weeks since I can schedule this one, hopefully, at the most convenient time possible--if that even exists.  To reward you for reading this extremely long post, here are some fun pics of Bailey during our past two weeks of wedding (which will all be posted this week):
These pictures remind me of back in the day when I used to dress up my little sisters and have photo sessions with them. 
Here's she's flying high with Brian at the San Diego temple at Toni's wedding.

And a bonus tid bit of information:  we're naming baby girl #2...



k N d said...

oh my goodness! CUTE name!!! I've been thinking about you so much lately! I'm so glad youre healthy and your baby is doing well. keep up the good work :) haha.
baby measuring big is a good thing! yeah, this last stretch is a hard one. it will all be worth it, but that's totally not what you want to hear...
love the pictures of Bailey too! Shes such a doll! and gonna be an adorable big sister!

Toni said...

Oh Kaci this is a good post. I am happy i dont have to leave this place early and come help you with lil baby Broklynn. Because believe me I already told aaron we would, and he agreed...good husband!

keri mae rhineer said...


Kadee said...

Love the name Kaci! You need to post some belly pics! We also need to plan a date night to go have some fondue before Brooklynn arrives.

Celine + Cameron said...

You know I love the name!! ;-) (although we spell ours with only one "n" at the end).