Thursday, January 13, 2011

Miller Family Christmas Kickoff Party

The first weekend of December, we had our second annual Miller Family Christmas Kickoff Party.  Last year we had a gift exchange before Christmas, since we couldn't all be together on Christmas.  It was such a hit, that we decided to do it again this year.  Keri and CJ won't be with us on Christmas day, but they were able to come down at the beginning of December. 

We crammed a lot into the few days were here to maximize the amount of fun had by all.  On Saturday we had Toni's bridal shower.  It was tons of fun and Toni got a lot of great gifts. 

Here's all the girls in the family, plus Owen, at Toni's brial shower.
Sunday was the day of our family party.  Brian cooked us all a fabulous feast including--crab dip, lamb, scallops, shrimp, some fancy salad, and yummy vegetables.  After dinner we had the gift exchange.  For the gift exchange, everyone brings a $30 gift that can be for a boy or a girl--a serious gift.  My family is slightly competitive, so the pressure is on to get a good gift to impress all with such a tiny budget.  It's really fun to see how much bang for your buck you can get for the exchange.  I think that everyone was super happy with what they chose, but the most awesome gift of the night was the Shake Weight.  We all had to try it out to prove our strenth.  Two years in a row now, the original gift that I select--warm, cozy blanket and something else--was stolen from me by my sisters!  All I have to say is that next year, I better get to keep the warm and cozy blanket!!

After all the presents were opened, we played some fun Minute to Win It games.  Here are some pictures of just a couple of the games we played.  Our family is a little competitive and intense, so game time brings out the best in all of us--really it does.
Here is the beautiful dinner table.
Thanks to Chef Boy R. B (rian) for cooking such a delicious feast.

Ty, Brittany, Keri, and CJ all displaying their extreme devotion to DC.
The kids waiting to open their presents and with their crazy Christmas glasses.
Party goers just taking a break in between the presents.
CJ and Keri AKA the blanket thief.
Toni--the master game planner who thought of our fun Christmas Minute to Win It games to end the night.  She was so organized and even bought yummy prizes for the winners.

I love this action shot of Bailey in mid jump trying to get her red Rudolph nose to attach to hers.

These are some lovely action shots of the cookie face game.  We had to get the gingerbread man into our mouth from our forehead, without using our hands.  It made for some beautiful pictures !

I'm not quite sure what to call this game, but it was really fun to watch.  You had to get one ornament ball from the string on one side of the room to the string on the other side only using your super powered suction.

It was a wonderful party and I'm already planning for next year!!

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