Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Coronado Christmas

Brian's family tradition is to go down to Coronado and visit the Hotel Del. They always have a beautiful Christmas tree on display and we can usually eat a yummy picnic on the beach in December. I just think it's fun to be able to eat lunch on the beach in December! All of the rain threw a wrench into our picnic plans this year, but we carried on with the Christmas tree pics and some warm hot chocolate.

Here's Roxann with Bailey and Emma--picture perfect!

The whole crew

This is about as good as the family pictures got that day, which is why I didn't send out any Christmas cards this year.  I just couldn't quite pick one where my face didn't look huge and pregnant.

Adam & Teryn

We tried a beach shot, but Bailey was definitely done with pictures by that point.

One big snuggly family on the cold beach.  My favorite shot of the day was the one right before this where the guy taking the picture cut Dan completely out.  I'm not quite sure why he did that, but he did manage to take one with everyone.

After the Hotel Del, we headed back up to home base to open our Christmas gift exchange gifts.  This was the one day that everyone could be together, so we celebrated Christmas a week early.  One person who did not mind that decision was Bailey.  She really understood opening presents this year.
She did make the best face I've ever seen for opening a package of socks.  This look of surprise and amazement is sincere; we did not practice how to look happy at home to open up socks :)

This is my favorite pic of the night.  She was truly this excited to open up every present.  This is a face of pure Christmas joy!

Here's cousin Emma posing with her baby doll.

One of Bailey's favorite things is to have tea parties, so she was in love with this tea party set from Aunt Nancy.

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