Sunday, July 31, 2011

The PB & J Life

The PB & J life is what I've been living for the past almost five months.  The PB & J life is what I want to live all the time, but I can't.  What is the PB & J life you might be asking yourself.  Let me's when most days include packing some sort of sandwich lunch (our sandwich of choice this summer was PB&J since Bailey can now eat peanut butter freely)and heading out to do something.  We did just about everything that I could think of this summer--BEACH, pool, Disneyland, Legoland, Sea World, fair, field hockey, mall, parks galore, family fun, friends,  movies, parties, or just hanging out at home doing nothing.  I loved hanging out with my girls everyday.  Yes, there were days when Bailey drove me a little crazy or Brooklynn didn't feel like taking a nap, but I still loved every second.  The PB & J life is my ultimate goal!  I'm afraid I have to just enjoy it temporarily, but a girl can still dream.

If I sound sad, it's because I am.  I have to go back to school in two weeks and I feel absolutely sick about it.  I'm pretty sure you could read similar posts to this one every August since Bailey has been born.  Yes, I know I've been so lucky to have five months off.  And yes, I know I'm lucky that I get so many weeks off every year since I'm a teacher.  I know all of those things you're thinking, but I'm still sad.  I know that I'll be better in about a month, but right now I'm no.  I'm completely up for suggestions on how I can make money and stay at home or maybe I should start buying lottery tickets.  My bet is with the lottery tickets.

So enough wallowing in my own are some recent pics from our awesome PB&J life (I just figured out how to load pics from my phone which is why it's taken me a while):

Bailey and Hailey took swim lessons for much of the summer.  Can either of them truly swim yet?  Nope, but they sure did have fun.  The funny/scary thing is that Bailey thinks she can swim, but really she just does a real nice glide/sink to the bottom of the pool.  She is getting better since we've just been swimming in our pool a lot.
Brooklynn is getting so big!  This bottle hold is completely accidental and very temporary, but I can get her to do it every once in a while.  Being able to hold her own bottle is one of those life changing skills.  That means that I wouldn't have to sit and just feed her.  But I'm willing to wait if that means she'll stay my tiny baby :)

Here's one of our stay at home and do nothing days--equally fun as the rest.

This was Brooklynn's picture day.  She did so well!  I will scan the pictures and post them later because she looked adorable!  I tried to get a good sister picture of the two of them, but they weren't as successful.

Here's one of our many beach days.  I wish I would have kept track to see exactly how many times we went to the beach this year.  Judging by the amount of sun screen that we used, we went a lot.

We have also been doing a lot of pool days lately.  Here's my tiny bathing beauty!

Bailey loves the sand, which is a good thing because after times like this it stays in her hair for a while.  When she starts doing this, it usually means it's time to pack up.

Sandy monster!

One day she found a gigantic seaweed pod that floated up to shore.  It was her seaweed baby.

It entertained her for quite some time.  As soon as she was done with it, the boys next to us picked it up and cracked it open.  I was glad that she didn't notice because she probably would have started crying.

Good til the very last drop...not just a slogan for coffee these days.  Bailey did not want to miss out on any of her frozen yogurt, but I can't blame her.  They did have delicious flavors.

My angel baby!  I went downstairs to make her a bottle; when I came back up she was sound asleep.  I love this tiny munchkin so much!!

We spent a couple of days at a time share in San Juan Capistrano with the fam.  My dad rented one of these awesome bikes and we went for a ride.  Bailey was so excited to ride in front and wear the helmet.  We kept telling her to wave like she was in a parad.

I strapped Brooklynn in the back between me and Toni.  She feel right asleep to the rhythm of our pedaling.

She's ready for some big wheels.

I took this picture for two reasons: 1--so you could maybe see all of her hives; she's had hives for almost a week but I think they're on their way out.  2--to see the extreme difference between her tan, summer legs and her glowing, white belly.  She is a beach bum, but no bikini beach bum!  Her stomach and legs look like they're two separate people.  That's how much we've been to the beach.

I still have two weeks left and I plan on jamming them full of fun.  If you want to join in on the fun, just let me know.  (Sorry that these pictures are kind of fuzzy; most of them were taken with my phone.)

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