Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Awesome Week!

Last week Keri and CJ came down for a visit.  We had so much fun and were so incredibly busy everyday.   I decided tonight that they need to live much closer :) 

Brooklynn and the Birthday Girl

Keri's birthday is on the 4th of July, so every year (for as long as I can remember)we've celebrated her birthday at the beach.  This year was one of the best beach birthday celebrations yet!  We decided to try a new location for our all day hang out; we went to Carlsbad instead of Oceanside.  We switched because Oceanside was getting a little bit ghetto, they got really strict with their parking rules on the 4th, and I usually see students at the Oceanside beach and in my bathing suit is definitely one place that I don't want to see my students.  Carlsbad beach was awesome!!  I wish we had switched there a lot sooner, but at least now we know.  We had always claimed a huge territory to fight off the huge crowds at Oceanside, but this year it was totally unecessary.  We did have a huge amount of beach front property, but we had the whole place to ourselves.  We decided that they are just way less aggressive in Carlsbad and that suits us just fine.  So we had an awesome day at the beach.  Brooklynn slept for most of the day just like the little dream baby that she is.  It was perfect beach weather and almost all of the family was there so that made it a fabulous day!  We ended the night watching fireworks in the Big O Tire parking lot; we've been doing that for the past few years and I think it may be one of those super classy family traditions now.

I couldn't resist buying the bathing suit for the 4th

Happy 4th of July to everyone!

Birthday girl, Bailey, and Toni

Ty, Dad, and Keri hanging out in the back part of our large beach territory.

Brooklynn was a 4th of July kiddo too! (as far as her outfit goes)

family photo

First task of the day for the boys--dig a large hole
Bailey became the little mermaid

Brooklynn's first time in a bathing suit and first time on the sand.

She had no clue that she was lying in the sand, but she was totally covered in sand after this mini photo session.

Brooklynn and her Papa!

She's one cool chick!

Here's most of the crew at the end of the day

This was Bailey's seat for the fireworks show.

The rest of the week was filled with beach (we went every single day!), shopping, tennis, family volleyball, Wii dance games, delicious food, and tons of fun.  Keri and CJ are just two people who always like to be on the go, so we joined in on the fun.   My life would be perfect if I could go to the beach everyday, so last week was kind of a dream come true.  I brought my camera along to all of our outings, but I didn't take many pictures since we were just too busy having fun.  I must also mention that it was awesome that Toni was down for the whole week and Aaron came down on the weekends.
We came over after church on Sunday to see Keri and CJ one more time before they left.

My girls and Auntie Keri

 Here are some pics that I stole from Keri's blog taken during the week:
I love this picture!  After one of our late night volleyball sessions, we came home and Bailey was asleep on the couch like this.  My dad watched her while we all played.  Bailey didn't want to go to bed, but she feel asleep right here.  She looked so peaceful.

On Wednesday we all went up to Irvine Spectrum to shop and eat.  We took some lovely pictures on our way out.  Tera and Ty were already on their way to the car, which is why they don't have a lovely photo here too.

So once again, I love my family and I'm so glad we can hang out and have fun.  I just wish that it could be all the time and not only a few times a year.  So until next time when we're all together again--December!

Here are a few pictures from when we went to the Del Mar Fair before Keri and CJ came into town:

Bailey's whole purpose of going to the fair is to feed the animals.  She would stay in here all day if she could.  The only animal she didn't want to feed was this four-horned devil goat.  I couldn't get a good picture of it, but it really did have four horns.

This is Bailey's Rapunzel picture.  It's not a tall tower, but a short silo.
Bailey got to pick one ride and it truly made me sick.  It was this spinning ride that is 1000 times worse than the teacups as Disneyland.

Me and my girls

I know this flower is a little large, but I thought it looked so cute!  I heard some lady say look at that head ornament on that child.  I still think it was adorable.


Tami Gemmell said...

the head band is adorable...remember I need a stash:) The things people think they can say....I was at the gas station and a lady said to me I bet you have HUGE babies because you are Enormous!! I wanted to smack her but I said thanks and headed out the door to key her car...j/k but not very nice on her part. funny thing is she wasn't a very small person herself.

keri mae rhineer said...

totally love it!! i love blogs. i also agree that we should live closer... one day!!

Lissy said...

So many great photos! Brooklyn is just getting cuter and cuter and looking more like Bailey, I think :) I'm a sucker for the holiday clothing too - very cute swim suit, it was worth it.