Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I think that Brooklynn looks a lot like Bailey.  Yesterday I put Brooklynn in this adorable outfit that Bailey wore.  I knew that I had a picture of Bailey wearing it too, so it was just a matter of finding it.  I found it rather quickly this morning!  Now realize that Bailey is around 8 months old in this picture and Brooklynn is 3 months.  Here are the two pictures, you be the judge:

Every Sunday I try to get a good picture of the girls in their cute dresses.  This past Sunday's was a struggle--mostly for Bailey.  I was making crazy noises and holding up toys to get Brooklynn's attention, but Bailey kept looking up too.  So Bailey was either looking up way too high or when I'd tell her to look down, I'd get her old lady librarian  look over the glasses...

so by the end this is what we got.

Pretty in Pink

Posing for the camera

I also always try to get a good one of me with the girls, but I have yet to accomplish that.  My hair is looking sweet.  I need a haircut any suggestions?


Lissy said...

You look beautiful, hair included! I love the pictures of your girls - they are adorable :)

Toni said...

I can not believe how much they look alike! so cute. I love this post. cute. need more family pictures!

keri mae rhineer said...

so excited to see these lil ones!!