Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dance Fever

So we're just a little bit behind the trends here.  I know that everyone has been playing this game for a while, but my family just got the Just Dance game for the Wii.  Sunday, after Brooklynn's blessing and brunch, we decided to give the dance game a try.  Can I just say that we played it the rest of the day and night and that many of us were sore the next day?!  My family is just slightly competitive, so we really got into it.  We all took turns and even got my dad to dance too.  It was so much fun and a serious workout (partially because we are really intense and partially because we (I'm) also really out of shape)!  We will be dancing it up for the rest of the summer.  If you're ever looking for a dancing partner, just stop by. 

Here are some pics of our very own So You Think You Can Dance:
This was Brian's one and only appearance for the night.  I love that Brian and Kyle (and Kate) are all doing totally differnet moves.  Which one do you think is right?

In perfect sync!

Ty & Tera breaking a sweat.  Ty thinks he's the reigning champ in the house, but I propose a challenge!

Here's Dad and Kyle doing Viva Las Vegas.  It's kind of a blurry picture, but I love that they are right in step with one another.

I think Toni looks like a real pro dancer with this sweet move!

Half way through the day we started doing duets--they were hilarious!

I have no idea what this song was, but they both look great.

Even the kids can play.  They only score a few hundred points if they're lucky, but they loved it.  Notice how Kate is quietly dancing in the background of most of the other pictures.  She was doing really well and won the award for most coordinated kid dancer.

Keri and CJ you guys better be practicing for when you guys come down.  I know you think you're so great, but we are ready for the challenge!!  I'm going to go buy the Michael Jackson one this weekend and be ready to have a major dance off.  I can't wait because I know the two of you are just a little intense :)

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keri mae rhineer said...

becca, richelle, and i had a dance off last night... super sweat!! i bet i can beat the whole house!! i DOMINATE