Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 Months Old Today

I can't believe that it's already been three months since Brooklynn was born.  It just seems like she's been with us forever.  She truly is my dream baby!  She is an excellent sleeper both day and night.  I always say that she's a great #2 baby because she is really good on the go, and we're on the go all the time.  At three months old, her skills, likes, accomplishments, and milestones are few, but she does have some. 

She loves to: stare at the fan, listen to me sing (she just stares and smiles), eat (I think she would eat all day if she could), get bundled up and go to sleep, chew on her hands, and sneak a peek at the TV any chance she can.  She is smiling more and more each day and I swear she laughed a little bit today.  I just bundled her up to go to bed and I looked down at her smiling face.  I said, "Ohhhh" and she had a little chuckle.  I kept making that sound and it must be an inside joke with her because she kept laughing (just a tiny bit).  I can't wait until she can actually laugh for real at things.  She is really strong and loves to hold up her head.  She's so grown up that she now likes to be held facing out.  I put her in the Bumbo the other day and she is almost ready to sit up and join the real world.  She does not like tummy time or being hungry.  I love my little Brooklynn and I'm so glad she's a part of our family!

On Sunday we blessed her in church.  It was such a great day.  All of the family was here--even my Grandma and Grandpa Mosher drove down for the special day.  She wore the beautiful blessing dress that my Grandma Miller made for me when I was blessed.  The dress has now been worn 7 of us--me, Tera, Toni, Keri, Kate, Bailey, Josi, and Brooklynn.  I love it because I feel like Grandma Miller is there with us on the special day.  I sent Brian up with a bottle for the blessing just in case.  As soon as he was in front of the chapel, she started to cry but quickly stopped when she had her bottle.  Brian gave a great blessing, but he sounded a little bit like Darth Vader.  It was a horrible microphone.

After the first hour of church, we headed back to my parents' house for a yummy brunch.  We had a photo session with Brooklynn in her dress, but she was more interested in her hands than she was at smiling.  I'm going to have to do a take two and try again to get some smiling pictures.  It was a wonderful day and so much fun to spend it with our families.

Here's the day through pictures:

Here's the whole crew.

Bailey was not a fan of taking pictures after church.

Our family with Grandma & Grandpa Mosher

Cute coordinating family pic of Kyle & Sam's family.

with my Mom

Handsome Owen & Ty

Aaron and Josi showing off her new trick of pointing or saying how old she is.

with Roxann and Dan

Here she is in her angel baby dress that my Grandma Miller made for me.

This picture captures how she felt during her photo session.  All she wanted to do was chew on her delicious hand--no smiles...

until the dress came off, but she's still chewing on her hands

This was the best smile we got

But she quickly turned back into focusing on those hands.

Here's half of the table at our lovely brunch.

Brooklynn was just talking away to Grandma Mosher.  Grandma said that she was telling her all her secrets.

Grandma & Grandpa Mosher with the two newest members of their ever-growing family.  We had an early birthday party for Josi since she's turing one at the end of this month.


Toni said...

Great blog post Kaci. This was such a fun week. I am glad that I got to spend my last week unemployed with the fambamily!

Matt and Kelly Woodland said...

This is awesome!! I am only sad that we missed the blessing, but seriously, you and Bri make the sweetest babies! Love those cheeks {and the fact that she is finally eating nonstop and gaining like a goo girl}