Saturday, June 25, 2011

Have You Ever. . .

...wondered if your child really does have some weird disease that makes her scream and cry when you cut her fingernails?  It drives me nuts how Bailey cries and runs away whenever I have to cut her nails.  The other day I was wrangling down her foot to cut her nails and I thought, "Well, maybe she does have some super freaky thing where she can feel pain in her nails as I cut them."  Most likely not, but you would think she did!  Due to this, I have become the world's greatest and fastest nail cutter in the world!   This is also the reason that sometimes her nails go unchecked and rather long.  I promise I do look at them, but sometimes it's just not worth the fight.

...heard of a "daycation?"  Bailey has officially coined the phrase.  I'm thinking of taking a patent out on it.  For some reason, Bailey pronounces her "v" sounds and "d" sounds.  So whenever she says the word very, it comes out dery (sounds like dairy).  Sometimes I correct her when I say it back, but usually I just let it go.  Lately, everyday she talks about how it's going to be a dery special day  with a dery special daycation.  I love it!  We have vacations, staycations, and now daycations.  It's when you do something very special, according to Bailey, all in one day.  Bailey has had many daycations--in fact, her life is filled with daycations every day.  She'll wake up in the morning and ask, "What's the plan?"  I've always given her plans for our events of the day and now she uses it too.  When she was tired and super grumpy the other day she was crying, "I need a plan!"  So if you aren't going on a fun summer vacation this year, just plan a fun and short daycation.

...put one child down for a nap the same instant that the other one wakes up?  This has happened to me a lot lately.  I'll put Brooklynn down and seriously the second I do, Bailey opens her door and wakes up from her nap.  So much for getting anything done!  I just need to be better at keeping Bailey up until Brooklynn is ready to sleep.  The days when the dual naps happen are quite magical.  It's fun too when they don't nap together because then I get alone time with each of them, but sometimes mommy needs alone time too.  I'm just trying to soak up and enjoy each day since I don't have to work!  I think I'm doing a pretty good job of it too!

...looked into the eyes of your kids and wondered how you can love someone so much?  I love my little girls!!  I took Brooklynn to get pictures taken yesterday.  The first half turned out awesome; the second half not so much.  I pick them up next Friday and I'll scan them and post them right away.  When we got back home and after naps, I took this pic:
Not so coordinating, but Bailey loved it!  I will have to go back again in a couple of weeks to try round two for pictures.  I had Brooklynn in this adorable outfit and Bailey was wearing a matching pink tutu.  By that point in the session, Brooklynn was done with pictures.  I finally became a member of JCPenneys so now I'm going to go all the time--or at least that's the plan.

Those are my random musings for the day.  And yes, both the girls are sleeping right now so this is how I use my time :)

Happy Anniversary to me and Brian today--6 years!

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Toni said...

"I need a plan!" hahahahah. That is by far the most awesome thing I have heard a 3 year old say. Happy Aniversary to you and Brian! do somthing fun and loveable!