Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feeling Domestic

Typically, I write about our life on the go.  Today I'm going to write about our time spent at home.  Bailey woke up sick Monday, so it's slightly forced time at home but it's been quite nice.  She started antibiotics yesterday so she's already feeling much better.

Today I decided to make spiders for lunch.  I told Bailey this and she was very concerned.  "Mama are they real ones?" she asked me.  "Nope just fun ones that you can eat!" I replied.  Our lunch menu came from a picture that Keri sent me.  You're first reaction is going to be gross, but then secretly you'll decide that you want to try it too.  There's no better way to tell you about cooking spiders for lunch than through the pictures:
You start out by cutting the hot dogs (turkey dogs) into large chunks.  Don't worry, her hands were washed and the cutting was supervised :)

Then we stuck thin spaghetti noodles (wheat ones so it can count as "healthy") through the hot dogs for the legs.

Added bonus to make it educational we talked about how many legs spiders have and counted the noodles as we put them in.  Bailey did break quite a few noodles, but she learned to slow down and they didn't break.

Here's our plate of spiders.

Brooklynn watched everything happen.  By the time we were done, she had worn herself out and her head was sagging down.

We sang the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" as we put our spiders into the pot of boiling water.  It just made it a little bit more fun.

Once the noodles were done, bon apetite!  We ate our delicious spiders.  I made Bailey also eat spider food--yogurt and peaches--so the spiders would have some food to eat in her tummy.  She probably thinks I'm crazy, but she did have fun.

I've also been looking up fun and easy crafts for us to make this summer.  Bailey loves making crafts thanks to Trisha!  So she asks me all the time to make crafts; I love that I have a crafty little girl. 

Another one of my domestic ventures was for Father's Day.  My dad loves cinnamon rolls, so I made him some from scratch.  I used to make bread and rolls all the time, but I haven't for quite a long time.  I pulled out the old recipe book on Sunday and went to work.  It was not hard at all and they were delicious!  I took a picture of them cooked, but before the cream cheese frosting.
A tiny bite of heaven (once the frosting is on)!

Here's the girls on Father's Day.  They are wearing some of my latest and greatest headbands that I made.  I've been making them late at night while I'm up waiting to feed Brooklynn.  I love how cute they look--my girls and the headbands!

Brooklynn is such a slobber monster.  Look closely to see how much of her dress is soaked with slobber.

This is where most of her slobber comes from.  She chews on her hands all day long and often will try the double fisted move.

So that's the tale of my domestic adventures.  I'll be attempting lots more.  We'll see how they turn out!


Toni said...

I am leaving this comment from work. I feel like they may be tracking my where abouts. But it is worth it! Spiders look fun. And Brooklynn is getting chunky again in the face and I love it! Keep up the posts since I now know that I can check them at work.

keri mae rhineer said...

o i am so happy you made this!! i wanted to.. but we were a lil old for it.. and there are no babies to make it for!!