Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Best Week Ever! (as Bailey would say)

Last week Kyle, Sam, and the kids were in town for a vacation.  They recently moved up to Oregon, so it was so much fun to hang out with them.  We packed the 10 days with fun activities for everyone; we were on the go the entire time.  We didn't realize it until yesterday before they were going to leave that the kids got along perfectly.  Last time Kate, Owen, and Bailey were together for a long time there was a lot of fighting, crying, screaming, and other fun stuff.  This time it was pretty peaceful with very little fighting.  I guess it's because they're all getting so much older and wiser! 
Best Buds: this is right before they left to go home.

This morning when Bailey woke up she asked when we could go play with her cousins today.  When I proceeded to tell her that they went home last night, and that their home is far away, she began to bawl her eyes out.  She was truly heart broken that her cousins weren't there to play all day long.  I'm so sad that they live to far away, but we aren't going to let the distance keep these kids apart.  It's important to us that they stay close friends forever.  We had so much fun hanging out everyday and I can't wait until Christmas when we can all be together again.

Here's our fun filled week in review:

They got in Saturday afternoon, so we just hung out at the house and played games.  Sunday was a regular church day.  I had to post these pictures of Bailey and Brooklynn because they looked so cute.
Bailey was a little patriotic in her dress.

Brooklynn was a tiny ballerina.

Tuesday was Legoland day.  None of us had ever been before, so we didn't know what to expect.  My mom was a chaperone with her school for the day, but really she chaperoned all of us.  It was great because she was able to buy tickets for all of us through her school for a true bargain.  It was slightly crowded because of all the schools that were there, but it was still fun.

Here's most of us--Tera, Kyle, Ty, Owen, Kate, Mom, and Bailey.  Toni, Sam, Josi, Brooklynn, and I weren't in the picture, but we were there.

The rides were pretty slow, but the kids loved them.  They rode planes, helipcopters, and cars.

Brooklynn was a dream baby and slept in the carrier for a really long time.  We couldn't resist a picture of her adorable sleeping face.  Later in the day an lady came up and moved her hat because it was covering her face.  I said, "Yes, because she's sleeping, or should I say was sleeping."  I wasn't very happy with her.

This is a classic Josi face!

The kids really did love all the legos.

They had an entire Star Wars land made of legos.  We had to pose with Chewy and R2D2.  (This picture is for Trisha!)

This was my favorite ride.  The kids were all able to drive a car around a mini track all by themselves.  The worker girl asked each of the kids how old they were to make sure that none of them were too young or old.  The kids are the ulitmate lie detectors!  We weren't sure how they were going to do, but I was sure excited to find out.

Here's Bailey and Kate on the straight away.  This was a rare moment when Bailey wasn't crashed into the side of the track.  If I had to rank them, Owen would come in first, followed by Kate, and finally Bailey.  We were cracking up the entire time at their driving skills.

After their time on the track was over, they each got a driver's license.

They were all excited, despite these slightly solemn faces.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all beach days.  The first two days were great weather; the second two beach days were cold and even misty!  Kids don't care about the weather, they just want to enjoy the beach, sand, and water.  They were all great beach kids and lasted many hours all four days.  It was great because after we were done with the beach, we'd simply walk up to the Carlsbad Inn (where Kyle and Sam were staying)and jump into the pool to swim and clean off.

This was a sunny day.  Bailey could not be bothered to even look at the camera--much better things to do.

Josi is one cool chick!

This is Toni's favorite picture to prove that Josi actually liked her.  Josi was hesitant all week to jump into anyone's arms, except for Ty.  She loved Ty!  So all week we all tried to be her friend, but she didn't truly give in until the last day.  We know that deep down she loves all of us.

This was moments after my mom was teaching Owen one of the finer skills in life--going to the bathroom at the beach.  She was trying to get him to just go while sitting on the sand and none of us were paying attention to the waves.  Right at the wrong moment, a wave came up and kind of crashed on Owen.  The water went right up to his face!  He survived, but might possibly be scarred for life from this experience. 

Josi loved looking at all of the birds at the beach.


This was one of our cold and cloudy days, but they didn't care.  They ran and played all day.

Brooklynn got all dressed up for the beach--such a beach beauty!

Saturday we had a big BBQ at my parents' house.  It was for fun, for Josi's birthday, and because we had a big jumpy.  This thing was awesome!!  It had three slides, a bball hoop, a pool area at the bottom, and it sprayed water.  All of the kids that were over played on it for at least an hour.  I kind of want to buy one from Costco.  If I had a big yard, I probably would, so I guess it's a good thing that I don't have a yard.  They played until they were worn out for the day.

Aaron was able to come down Saturday afternoon.  What a good uncle!

Bailey wore herself out--not only from the day but the entire week.

Throughout the week we also squeezed in: Xmen movie, Sushi lunch, Padres game, Super 8, lunch at Harbor Fish, shopping, and lots of games.  It was such a fun week with almost the whole family together (Toni stayed down the entire week!).  I'm so glad that Kyle and Sam were willing to make the super long drive.  I truly am already looking forward to Christmas when we'll all be together again.  I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful family who actually enjoy spending time together!!


Trish said...

Ha! Loved the whole post! We are headed there on Saturday for Lego Star Wars Weekend! Woo Hoo!

Samantha said...

I loved this post. You wrote about some things that I forgot to mention, like Josi loving the birds and owen's traumatic peeing experience. So sad about Bailey crying when they were gone! My kids have been talking about her and grammy nonstop. I LOVE the picture of Brooklynn asleep at legoland. I miss her cheeks already.

Toni said...

Bailey. Brooklynn Kay and I should get glamour shots together at JCPennys. haha. wouldnt that be funny. OK but the real comment is that I love these pics.