Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DJ B in the House!

Today Toni and I went shopping and bought Bailey something she truly could not live without--an adorable skater girl hat. She wore it around the house tonight and loved it! She kept in on while she watched and danced to Yo Gabba Gabba before she went to bed. I know that she knows when she looks super cute because she gets this look on her face, like watch what I do!

Here she's striking a pose to the music on her show.

DJ Lance Rock needs to watch his back because DJ Bailey is gearing up to take over his job on the show!


k N d said...

that's totally the way i stand when i put a hat on backwards too. haha. just comes naturally i guess. :) super cute. and i love the elmo pic too! haha. she's so funny!

Celine + Cameron said...

So cute!!

kerimaemiller said...

put up some new posts!!! miss you guys!!!