Tuesday, August 11, 2009

He's Real!

If we could read Bailey's mind, I'm sure she would have been thinking, "He's real! Elmo is really alive and a lot bigger than he looks on Sesame Street."

We went to Sea World last week for a few hours in the afternoon. Our first stop: Sesame Street's Bay of Play to see Elmo and Big Bird. As soon as we saw them, she was so excited! She kept reaching out and trying to grab them and would then look at me with the biggest smile on her face. It was funny because a lot of the other kids around her were squirming trying to escape and run away, but not Bailey. We came back to see Elmo again on our way out of Sea World. There was a huge group of kids that were taking a picture with Elmos, but Bailey didn't let that get in her way. She first tried to climb the fence to go get him and then she just ran up to Elmo and gave him a big hug! It was really the cutest thing I'd ever seen.

All she wanted to do with Big Bird was grab his beak, so she did.

We did go see some fish, sharks, polar bears, and penguins while we were there too. Bailey did love seeing all of the the other animals. She licked a lot of the glass clean for Sea World, so that was a bonus.
She laughed a lot in the penguin exhibit. I kept telling her to do happy feet, so she was stomping her feet the entire time. Not that she's ever seen the movie Happy Feet, but that's what I alway say when she does that.

I love this picture because you can see her reflection in the glass. I'm not sure she always knew what she was looking at through the glass, but she sure did love it.

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