Monday, August 10, 2009

Michigan: The Final Installment

So here's the rest of our trip to Michigan, told by pictures and short blurbs:

Sunday we went to Kim and Jesse's amazing house and had a family BBQ. All of the little kid cousins ran around the front room to burn off their food. They did stand still for a moment so I could take a picture.

Here are the two cousins--Bailey and Mallory only two days apart.

Bailey loved to eat Aunt Harriet's sparkly necklace.

Here's Bailey with Gram and Pop and a group shot.

We did quite a bit of driving, and this is what Bailey thinks about riding in a car seat for that long:

On Monday, we explored the town of Rochester. We visited Aunt Nancy at Cold Stone; I believe it was Bailey's favorite part of the trip. She mixed her own ice cream and Aunt Nancy let her eat as much as she wanted and run around the store like a crazy sugar baby!

After the ice cream, we went to a park to let Bailey burn off some of her energy. She really liked sticking her face and hands through the holes of the tunnel.

It was a great trip to finally be able to see where everyone lives and experience Michigan as a family. I especially appreciated the great weather that they ordered just for us. Our flight back was much easier than the flight there--thank goodnes!! Thanks for all of the fun and we will be back again some day to do some more exploring.

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