Thursday, August 6, 2009

Please Say it Ain't So!!

I don't even want to write this becuase it means it's actually going to happen, but it's August already! I have officially decided that August is the worst month of the year for one awful reason: school starts :(

I really do like August, at least the first 18 days of it before I have to go back to school on the 19th. I know I won't get much pity because I have been off since the end of June, but maybe feel sorry for Bailey (because she can't hang out with her totally cool mom all day long) and Doby (because he soon will spend most of his day just sitting on his chair waiting for anyone to come play).

So I'm going to live my last almost two weeks of summer to the fullest--beach, books (maybe), more swimming lessons, scrapbooking, movies, making my quilt (that I intended to do back in July), shopping, more beach, family, fun, and just being a little lazy if I want to. Notice I'm not adding on there thoroughly cleaning my house to get ready for the year because that is definitely good summer fun. If I don't post for a while, it's not only because something won't let me upload pics to my blog (sorry about the pic-less post), but also because I'm busy having fun or being depressed.

Long live summer!!

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