Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crayons, Frogs, and Fun

For about the past month, Bailey's latest hobby has been coloring--or attempting to color. Any time that she sees crayons, she starts to throw a fit until I let her hold all of them. She would then try to break all of the crayons and rip the paper off. Coloring with Bailey was never much fun, until the discovery of washable crayons! She wants to color as soon as she comes downstairs in the morning, and I think she would color all night long if I let her. With the washable crayons, I no longer have to worry about her coloring on the table or her clothes. When her delicate strokes take her coloring off the edge of the paper, I can simply wipe it off with my fingers. So yeah to the person who invented these beauties so Bailey can color to her little heart's content.Here you can see the master at work. Her coloring strategy of choice is the back and forth lines.
Now that she's coloring all the time, we've also been working on learning the colors. In this picture I asked her what color the crayon was. Her response, "Blue." Blue is typically her first guess at any color; I guess becuase it's the easiest to say. Once she gets going with the colors, her accuracy with guessing does improve a little :)

On Friday I bought some of those magical growing capsules in the dollar spot at Target. I loved these things when I was little! It always amazed me how they could squeeze all of those cool shaped sponges into the tiny capsule. This weekend I let Bailey experience the magic for herself. She didn't want to let the process happen without her assistance, but once she got the animal shapes out she loved it!
After the bath was done, I wrapped her up in her froggy towel. Since I had my camera handy, I decided I should get a picture of my tiny frog. I couldn't get her to stand up during picture time, but she was making cute faces and smiling for me. Once she stood up, I then realized why she was squatting--she was peeing! From experience I have learned that Bailey does like to go to the bathroom once she's out of the bath, but this was a world record time. At least it was just a carpet that I can wash--and isn't it a cute picture?
This weekend Kyle, Sam, Kate, and Owen came down for a quick visit and to watch BYU beat SDSU in basketball (the game was awesome and it's always fun to win!). When the cousins are here, it means it's time to party. The kids played all weekend long. Since we had a slight break in the rain on Saturday, Tera took all of the kids out to race in the yard. Bailey always took off before the others, but always finished last because she liked to watch Kate and Owen run in front of her to the finish.

The picture is slightly blurry because of their lightning fast pace!

This is just a cute picture from today. It was our first day in our new ward at church; it was also Bailey's best day in sacrament meeting. She lasted the entire time without having to go out in the lobby. If this is a sign of things to come in this ward, then I think we're off to a great start.


Bliss & Gary said...

Glad to hear that something good came of your new ward and 1:00 church!

kerimaemiller said...

great post... she is getting huge.. that lil thing!!