Monday, January 11, 2010

Just a Funny Story: Our Breakfast Adventure

Last week I was talking to my friends and the topic of pancakes came up. I love pancakes, but only from restaurants. I'll eat pancakes at home, but only as a last resort. I make them a lot for Bailey becuase they are quick, easy, and you can save the extras for the next morning! I was telling my friends how I hated pancakes from home and they asked me how I made them. Well, the only way to make them of course...Krusteaz! They were shocked and slightly appalled, that I used Krusteaz. They said that the reason why I hate homemade pancakes, is because I'm using the wrong stuff. They convinced me that actually making the pancake batter from scratch was both easy and delicious.

So on Saturday, I was ready to put their method to the test. I also thought that making the batter would be a fun thing for Bailey to help me with. Here's the scene: Bailey on the counter with big bowl, big spoons, big containers of flour and sugar, and of course a cookbook. I distinctly remember that Kim told me equal parts of the main ingredients, so I quickly scanned the recipe and saw that the first ingredients were flour, sugar, and milk. I quickly dumped all three items, one cup of each, into the large bowl, while attempting to keep Bailey happy and our pancake mix off of the floor and counters. I then proceeded down the rest of ingredients: baking soda, baking powder, egg, and oil. After I had added the soda and powder I read the last paragraph that said to omit the soda if making just regularly flavored pancakes. Because I wanted these pancakes to be perfectly delicious, I dumped the bowl of ingredients in the trash. Bailey was confused, but glad to note that we were going to start over--round one done!

I started again from the top: equal parts flour, sugar, and milk (remembering that my friends told me equal parts). The rest of the ingredients went in quickly, minus the baking soda this time. As Bailey was "helping" me stir the batter, she also began to cover herself and the counter with it. Helping time was over! I then had a crying baby in a high chair and a bowl of pancake batter ready to go. The batter looked a little thin, but that's part of what I like about restaurant pancakes so I proceeded as normal. I poured three small scoops of batter onto the pan and they rapidly ran into each other. I was letting them cook for a little bit, while Bailey chanted, "Pancakes, pancakes!" at me when I decided that I should take another closer look at the recipe. Upon closer look, I realized that it was only equal parts flour and milk--and only one tablespoon of sugar!! I was really making some sort of panCAKE because of the amount of sugar I had mixed in. That would explain why the batter was so incredibly thin and that the pan seemed to be coated in a sugary, gooey film every time I flipped a pancake over.

At this point, there was no starting over (plus I was almost out of flour and milk) so we ate the sugary, delicious breakfast cakes. I will admit they were like a very thin cake, but they were also secretly delicious. Bailey loved them and ate about four! It's no surprise that she ate so many because the kid is now a sugar addict after Christmas. Our Saturday morning pancake breakfast was truly an adventure, I just hope that this Saturday I can finally make pancakes that I love!

Here's a picture of Bailey eating her sugary meal--no syrup required they were sweet enough by themselves. This was her most favorite breakfast that I've ever cooked.
Here are my beautifully thin, sugary pancakes cooking.

Then while I'm posting here are some fun pictures from the past couple of weeks:
Notice two things in this picture: Bailey's cute boots (thanks Toni!) and her tiny pigtails!!

We took the kids to the park at the beach the Saturday after New Year's day. Kate and Owen spent the entire time running around, on the swings, or on the slide. Bailey just wanted to sit and dig in the sand. When we finally did convince her to go on the slide, she had to bring her bucket and shovel with her.
Bailey is definitely turning two next month because she has a mind of her own and her favorite words right now are: mine, self (for I do it myself), and no! What's happening to my sweet, little baby? I was hoping that the twos wouldn't be so terrible, but I'm thinking that I should just brace myself and be prepared.


Lissy said...

I'm thinking the same thing about the 2's already! What adorable pig tails - she is the cutest little girl!

k N d said...

haha. it's 1 cup milk to 1 cup flour to 1 egg... haha but I'm glad it turned out :)