Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas 2009

I was so excited for Christmas this year because I knew that Bailey was going to get it--and I was right! She loved it! Here she is on Christmas morning waking up: She's got her Christmas jammies on and is ready to go. All month we had been talking about Christmas, the baby Jesus, Santa, Christmas trees, the whole thing... The past week we were talking about Santa, and I was asking her what Santa did. Bailey's response was, "Candy!" She saw Santa about five times this month (only once for pictures the rest just random Christmas encounters), and every time she saw him she got a candy cane. So in Bailey's mind Santa = candy canes. Right after I took this picture, we started talking about Christmas and sure enough Santa and candy were on the top of her list. It always amazes me how much she learns and remembers.

We went over to my parents' house for Christmas morning festivities. Bailey loved opening up the presents and played with each one.

She ripped right in with both hands!

My mom and dad gave her a Yo Gabba Gabba microphone that she can sing along with the songs. She likes to sing really close to the mic so we can hear her beautiful voice.

She wanted to skate on Ty's long board--hang ten?
She wanted to feed her baby right away.

She got a baby doll for Christmas and it was quite the success. While we were eating breakfast, Bailey was back in the room playing with her doll in the box she came in. It was really funny; she was just quietly minding her own business.
Preparing for the cold, Christmas winter outside.
This year we picked out "Christmas" jammies to wear on Christmas morning. They weren't really Christmasy, but we all had matching and they were fun to wear. They are slightly on the larger side, but that makes them so comfy!
Here's our gansta Christmas picture. Brian got a do-rag in his stocking (just for fun), so we took a sweet picture with it. Bailey is so embarassed by the whole thing, she can't show her face.
Here's what we really look like Christmas morning.

We always have so much fun on Christmas just being together. Here's a picture of the whole crew--minus mom and dad who are taking the picture and trying to get Bailey's attention.
Here are some other fun pics from the morning:
Keri--who got a sewing machine and is going to be so domestic.

Ty got a laptop so he can keep earning those good grades!
Tera got a new bedspread to redo her bedroom.
Brian got a bunch of DVDs, including season 5 of The Office!
Here's Toni trying to keep Bailey happy with some candy!
My dad got dressed all nice and proper for Christmas this year--probably due to our late 7:30 start.

Bailey wanted to help open all presents--even those that weren't hers.

After our delicious breakfast, we headed over to Christmas Part II. We were all there (minus baby Emma and Vanessa) to celebrate together. I didn't take many pictures because it was at this point that I learned that Christmas can also be a really hard day for kids. Bailey had slept for maybe 15 minutes and was practically refusing to take a nap. She didn't want to miss out on any of the noise, candy, food, or fun, so instead of taking pictures I was doing damage control with Bailey. She really wasn't that bad, but she cried with every piece of candy that she saw that she couldn't eat--and at Roxann's house that is a lot of candy!
Here's Bailey in her cute Christmas candy outfit--which turned out to be an ironic choice for a shirt.
Family Christmas 2009
It was a fun end to the day when the Hamptons came over for dinner; we miss seeing them all the time since they live in Utah now. Bailey loved playing with Carly, Eve, and Benny. I got them all to play the fun game of "Let's pretend to sleep" and pose for a picture.
We attempted to take another family pic at the end of the day, but Bailey was totally done.
This upside down shot is the only attempted smile (even though it's mostly crying) we could get from Bailey at the end of Christmas day.
We are so grateful for everything that we have and all of our wonderful family members that we were able to spend time with during this Christmas season. We love you all and hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas too!


kerimaemiller said...

talk about ugly pics... that one you put up is ten times uglier... you should take that one off!! haha

Tyler & Shelly Scharman said...

It looks like you guys had a great christmas. I can't believe how long baileys hair is. I think I am going to come down there in February to get out of the cold for a week. Ask tami about making your blog into a book, thats what she did for me for christmas and I love looking at it. shelly

Cicely said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! And those jammies look super cozy! (Yours, not Baileys)

the batts said...

hilarious! i love both of your gangsta faces in the do-rag pic.:)
and cute little bailey of course!!

Lissy said...

Lily and her cousin Audrey had those same Christmas PJ's! I love the picture with the kids pretending to sleep. So cute. Looks like you had a fun filled Christmas!